Lawrence Wall

Lawrence A. Wall


Psychiatric Social Worker

  • DCSW (Diplomate in Clinical Social Work), University of Michigan


Lawrence A. Wall, DCSW is one of the counselors available at Counseling Services. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Larry is originally from Ann Arbor. Prior to coming on board at Counseling Services he worked in the metro Detroit area as a psychiatric social work supervisor and crisis team coordinator in a variety of hospital inpatient, emergency room and private practice settings. In addition to performing the full spectrum of services provided by Counseling Services staff, Larry maintains a professional interest in flow-state psychology, stress and anxiety management and conflict mediation. Larry is certified to administer and interpret the Myers Brigg Type Indicator and is also certified in multicultural counseling. Larry is a long-time instructor of taijiquan (tai chi) and Systema (Russian martial art). Larry additionally practices and teaches both disciplines’ alternative health methods. He is the author of the book Hope for the Wife of the Alcoholic: A Guide for Therapists and the Wives They Work With.