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Acceptable Use of Information Technologies

Policy Statement

The University provides information technology resources, such as computing and networking, to the University community. It is the user's responsibility to properly use and protect those information technology resources, as well as comply with all University policies, state and federal laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.

Policy Requirements

Use of information technology resources owned or operated by the University imposes certain responsibilities and obligations. The University considers use of information technology resources to be a privilege that is granted on the condition that each member of the University community respects the integrity of information technology resources and the rights of other users.

Use of University information technology resources in a manner that violates the provisions set forth in this policy can lead to revocation of all access privileges as well as other disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the University.

Reason for Policy

This policy is designed to establish the acceptable and appropriate use of all information technology resources that support University business and its mission of education, research and service. Other uses are secondary.

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