Student Speaker

Collin Doerr-Newton

Hailing from Lansing, Collin Doerr-Newton plans on making plenty of noise. But this sound design major, in the midst of following his dreams, has consistently supported his peers and served others, helping their voices be heard, too.

As the 2013 recipient of the Percy Julian Award, Collin was recognized for promoting diversity and cultural understanding. This honor was earned through not only his work as a student supervisor in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, but also by serving as an academic success coach, teaching assistant, and peer mentor for the Wahtera Center for Student Success.

In addition, Collin’s involvement with WMTU and the Society of African American Men, as well as work as a resident assistant for Housing and Residential Life, demonstrate a focus beyond his own dreams and a desire to help others achieve success.

On a path to graduate school and working in the recording industry, Collin has already completed internships with Harvest Creative Services in Lansing and DigiTrax Entertainment in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What will Collin remember most from his time at Tech? “Having an opportunity to meet and work with so many great people,” he says. With plenty more opportunities ahead, Collin’s is a voice that will be heard.