Spring Commencement 2014

Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Seating (Row:Seat)
Abraham, Benjamin MNot Attending
Adler, Michael CAttending
Ahnen, Eric AAttending
Ahrens, Danielle CAttending
Al Atwah, Abdullah SAttending
Al-Omari, Lina AAttending
Albi, Paige EAttending
Aldrich, Kaitlyn CAttending
Alsobrooks, Alexander AAttending
Anderson, Jonathan JAttending
Anderson, Keith SAttending
Anderson, Ryan JNot Attending
Annelin, Colin HAttending
Archambault, Ethan GAttending
Armga, Austin JAttending
Ashbaugh, William DAttending
Augustine, Joseph HAttending
Auricchio, David JAttending
Axline, Kyle MAttending
Baeckeroot, Jeffrey MAttending
Baeten, Rachel LAttending
Baic, Brendan MAttending
Baker, Carl JAttending
Baker, Nathan TAttending
Bakker, Ryan MAttending
Bal, Andrea MAttending
Ball, Stephen NAttending
Barber, Cedrick JAttending
Barker, Brett WNot Attending
Barr, Angela MAttending
Barrette, Ryan JAttending
Barrone, Keyton BAttending
Barth, Zachary TAttending
Basso, Christina MAttending
Bauer, Caleb SAttending
Bauer, Emmalee JAttending
Becker, Daniel CAttending
Bedore, Brook MAttending
Beegle, Daniel TAttending
Beggs, Brandon LAttending
Bellhorn, Joel WAttending
Belovich, Jared AAttending
Bennett, John GAttending
Bennett, John RNot Attending
Bergman, Nils AAttending
Berryman, Allison KAttending
Berryman, Jared HAttending
Berryman, Natalie SAttending
Bethke, Clayton TAttending
Bettin, Briana CAttending
Beyer, Corrinne MAttending
Beyette, Brogan TAttending
Bickel, Korbin LAttending
Bilich, Katie AAttending
Billington, Brett AAttending
Bjorn, Jacob OAttending
Blood, Brittany AAttending
Bodeis, Lauren DAttending
Boks, Krystle RAttending
Bolthouse, Alec EAttending
Bomstad, Alex LAttending
Bonenfant, Stephanie AAttending
Borel, Corinne PAttending
Boron, Victor FAttending
Bostwick, Michael EAttending
Bowen, Ethan JNot Attending
Bownes, Julian DAttending
Boyea, Tyler JAttending
Boyer, Kelsey JAttending
Brame, Lydia MAttending
Bray, Alexander MAttending
Breeland, Justin PAttending
Breithaupt, Charlie IAttending
Brest, Evan CAttending
Brick, Alex RAttending
Briggs, Thomas ANot Attending
Broadbent, Jillian LAttending
Brock, Maxwell BAttending
Brogren, Karl PAttending
Brown, Austin RAttending
Brown, Collin MNot Attending
Brown, Kerrie EAttending
Brunette, Margaret AAttending
Bryant, Benjamin PAttending
Buchholz, Kasey AAttending
Bumgardner, Ian JAttending
Burby, Brady RAttending
Burfield, Duane AAttending
Burtka, Jaclyn MAttending
Bushlaibi, Mohammed JAttending
Bussell, Kathleen VAttending
Cain, Alexander JAttending
Cameron, Zachary DAttending
Campbell, Cody RNot Attending
Campbell, Ronald LAttending
Carey, Michael PAttending
Carlson, Matthew WAttending
Carpenter, Daniel NAttending
Carruthers, Kenneth MNot Attending
Cary, Adam DAttending
Cassiday, Bradley MAttending
Cena, Christopher PAttending
Cencer, Morgan MAttending
Cencer, Timothy KAttending
Chaillier, Brent AAttending
Chaloupka, Amie JAttending
Chamberlin, Trent AAttending
Chang, ChuanshengAttending
Charnawskas, Joseph CAttending
Chase, RobertAttending
Cherubini-Sutinen, Alysa RAttending
Chiamulera, Brock ANot Attending
Chouinard, Kyle MAttending
Chrisman, Connor JNot Attending
Christ, Emily KAttending
Christensen, Ben MAttending
Christenson, Nicholas JNot Attending
Cieslewicz, John WAttending
Clark, Aaron AAttending
Clark, Alisha RAttending
Clark, Destine IAttending
Clark, Steven JAttending
Clement, Janna LAttending
Clemmer, Benjamin PAttending
Cleveland, Kerstin MAttending
Clohisy, Warren TAttending
Coffman, John ANot Attending
Cohoon, Tyler LAttending
Cole, J AAttending
Cole, Megan AAttending
Coleman, Kevin MAttending
Conard, Shawn RNot Attending
Conn, Steven SAttending
Connors, Jennifer RAttending
Conran, Thomas WAttending
Cooper, Krysten EAttending
Cornell, Breanna KAttending
Courchaine, Matthew SAttending
Crane, Stephen MNot Attending
Crass, Katy LNot Attending
Creasy, Neala MAttending
Cretens, William JAttending
Croschere, Jayde MAttending
Cui, ChenchenNot Attending
Curtis, Colton JAttending
Curtis, Tyler EAttending
D'Annunzio, Stephanie EAttending
Daavettila, Bryan JAttending
Daavettila, Kent DAttending
Dalbec, Megan MAttending
Damschroder, Benjamin MAttending
Daniels, Sarah MAttending
Danowitz, Stephen JAttending
Davis, Dominic MAttending
Dazell, Matthew AAttending
Deane, Katrina EAttending
DeJager, Chris AAttending
Delcamp, Elizabeth FNot Attending
Demers, Allyssa MAttending
Denault, Zachary CAttending
Denman, Connor JNot Attending
DePrekel, Collin JAttending
Deptula, Stephanie EAttending
DeRoche, Stephen CAttending
DeWitt, Abigail RAttending
Dhedia, Amit SAttending
Dickenshied, Chad PAttending
Ding, JiayiAttending
Dion, Benjamin EAttending
Dipple, Stephen WAttending
Dixson, Donzell MAttending
Doerr-Newton, Collin KAttending
Domagalla, Taylor PAttending
Dompier, Faye EAttending
Donajkowski, Gregory JAttending
Doulette, Megan PAttending
Downer, Benjamin ENot Attending
Doyle, Clayton CAttending
Drabek, Troy QAttending
Duijndam, Lynn MAttending
Dunstan, Jeff WAttending
DuShane, Jeffrey AAttending
Duszynski, Brian TAttending
Dutton, Evan MNot Attending
Dziubinski, Connor DAttending
Ebejer, Aaron DAttending
Eby, Meagan EAttending
Eckert, Henry DAttending
Ellenich, Katy MNot Attending
Eller, Spenser DNot Attending
Ellingsen, Steven FAttending
Elwert, Kaleb NAttending
Erickson, Joshua MAttending
Ernst, Corey SAttending
Fackender, Cody TAttending
Fadigan, Thomas EAttending
Farrer, Rebecca HAttending
Fedie, Joseph RAttending
Fedie, Mitch AAttending
Feinauer, Evan PAttending
Feinauer, Jayna KAttending
Feldpausch, Kyle DAttending
Felton, Danny CAttending
Fetzer, Natasha MAttending
Fick, William MAttending
Fisher, Austin MAttending
Flachs, David CAttending
Flores, ArmandoAttending
Fobbs, Charles TAttending
Folly, Kodjo ENot Attending
Foltz, Philip TAttending
Foster, Geoffrey MNot Attending
Fowe, Romerdos SAttending
Fowler, Britney NAttending
Fox, Timothy CAttending
Fraker, Robert AAttending
Franchock, Rachel MAttending
Franklin, Jordan AAttending
Frankovich, Joshua JAttending
Frantz, Matthew TAttending
Frasier, Timothy MAttending
Freiberg, Daniel SAttending
Funkenbusch, Adam EAttending
Furlich, Greg DAttending
Furlong, Kevin MAttending
Furne, Ryan WAttending
Garceau, Aaron MAttending
Garcia, Joshua TAttending
Garthe, Kimberly JAttending
Gasco, Matthew AAttending
Gauthier, Katherine SAttending
Gauthier, Kristopher RAttending
Gebreeyesus, Senait MNot Attending
Gerovac, Rebecca JAttending
Gillett, Eric RAttending
Glodowski, Kate LAttending
Gorectke, Charles RAttending
Grady, Shane PAttending
Graves, Jonathan MAttending
Gravlin, Nickolas KAttending
Gray, Kevin RAttending
Green, Corinne KAttending
Green, Nathanael HAttending
Greene, Daniel JAttending
Greene, Rose EAttending
Groen, John AAttending
Gruber, Thomas RAttending
Grupido, Eryn KAttending
Grzymkowski, Matthew SAttending
Gu, ZhengyangNot Attending
Guggemos, Dalton JAttending
Gustafson, Cody GAttending
Guza, Amanda BAttending
Haben, Madeline LAttending
Hahka, Taija MNot Attending
Haiss, Christian JAttending
Halvorson, Brady JAttending
Hampshire, Nathan JAttending
Hannum, Kaitlin LAttending
Hanus, Victoria MAttending
Hardy, Gregory DAttending
Haren, Ashley DAttending
Harris, Patrick FAttending
Harrison, Emily JAttending
Harrison, Leah EAttending
Hartman, Alyssa AAttending
Hashman, Kyle JAttending
Haslinger, Bryan DAttending
He, ZhenAttending
Hedlund, Paula MAttending
Heiting, Christopher LAttending
Helhowski, Kelly JAttending
Helminen, Emily CAttending
Hepfner, Travis AAttending
Heras, Kevin CAttending
Hess, Ryan JAttending
Heusinkveld, Rhonda KAttending
Hierl, Nathan SNot Attending
Hilditch, Alison LAttending
Hilliard, Michael CAttending
Hilliger, Samantha AAttending
Hilliker, Derrick DAttending
Hlivak, Nicholas MAttending
Hoffman, Jennifer GAttending
Hohol, Jonathon WAttending
Holley, Ethan CAttending
Holmberg, DanielAttending
Holmes, Thomas SAttending
Holvenstot, Casey MAttending
Hopkins, Sawyer SAttending
Huff, Rachael MAttending
Hughes, Bryan CAttending
Hutton, Audrey LAttending
Hynnek, Alyssa LAttending
Hynnek, Amber RAttending
Jacobson, Adam MAttending
Jacobson, Darcy MAttending
Jain, GauravAttending
Jamieson, Jason KAttending
Janczy, Andrew WAttending
Jaripatke, Sumit AAttending
Jayne, Taylor JAttending
Jiang, BinxinAttending
Jiang, HaiNot Attending
Joda, David BAttending
Johnson, Bradley PAttending
Johnson, Brian AAttending
Johnson, Claire AAttending
Johnson, Mark WAttending
Johnson, Timothy MAttending
Johnstone, Jacob TAttending
Juchartz, Alex DAttending
Kadletz, Kraig AAttending
Kallungi, Gabriel AAttending
Kaminski, John AAttending
Kaphingst, Amanda SAttending
Kappauf, Collin NAttending
Kasom, Danna RAttending
Kaurala, Taylor RAttending
Keepers, John JAttending
Keller, Helena RAttending
Kernstock, Brian JAttending
Kero, Jordanna LAttending
Kessler, Heather JAttending
Kilpela, Jonathan MAttending
King, Kerry LAttending
Kippenhan, Cody JAttending
Kitchen, Alexandra KAttending
Klobucher, Michael JAttending
Knight, Joshua GAttending
Knudsen, Michel DAttending
Knudstrup, Stephen TAttending
Knutson, Jon MAttending
Koenigs, Ty MAttending
Koepke, Ross CNot Attending
Kohlhase, Derek JAttending
Komurka, Andrew TAttending
Konieczny, Anthony MAttending
Konst, Shari MNot Attending
Korfhage, Austin WAttending
Koski, Jonathan WAttending
Kostick, Sarah AAttending
Kovach, Joseph TAttending
Kowalkowski, Matthew EAttending
Kralapp, Kyle MAttending
Krettek, Evan AAttending
Krystiniak, Andrew JAttending
Kubicki, Andrea LAttending
Kuchar, Travis RAttending
Kuck, Alexander MAttending
Kuiper, Sarah LAttending
Kurdziel, Joshua RAttending
Kuttruff, Austin MAttending
L'Esperance, Alan RAttending
LaBelle, Eric RAttending
LaCasse, Mallory ANot Attending
LaFevre, Michael AAttending
Lambert, Natalie DAttending
Lamoureux, Andrew PAttending
Landrum, Pamela RAttending
Lang, Megan MAttending
Lanoue, Nicholas RAttending
LaPointe, Matthew AAttending
Larkin, Keegan JAttending
Laskaska, Matthew JAttending
Lassen, Justin LAttending
Lay, Colin SAttending
Lebedeva, NataliaAttending
Lee, Justin AAttending
Legato, Ryan MAttending
Lehman, Sarah AAttending
Lehman, William EAttending
Lemaux, Robert JAttending
Lemke, Tyler DAttending
Leonard, Ian MAttending
Leppek, Daniel JAttending
Leveille, Michael RAttending
Leveille, Ryan JAttending
Leveille, VictoriaAttending
Lewis, Andrew PAttending
Lewis, Tyler JAttending
Li, HaoranAttending
Li, MinAttending
Li, YiyangAttending
Liebergen, Matthew TAttending
Lindquist, Krista LAttending
Lindroth, John TAttending
Little, Chester TAttending
Liu, JingAttending
Liu, WentaoNot Attending
Liu, ZheAttending
Ljung, Matthew JAttending
Loeks, Devin WAttending
Loesche, Jon GAttending
Londo, Leandra LAttending
Long, XiangNot Attending
Longhini, Kenton GAttending
Lord, Garrett KAttending
Lubinski, Jack RAttending
Ludwig, Brett MAttending
Lueck, Kevin MAttending
Luginbill, Taylor KAttending
Lukkari, Brendan HNot Attending
Lund, Andrew EAttending
Name Seating (Row:Seat)
Machiela, Richard JAttending
MacNeal, John AAttending
Maday, Ethan MAttending
Maes, Carissa MAttending
Mager, Alexander JAttending
Maggi, Nicole LAttending
Mahan, Jonathan ENot Attending
Maijala, Kelsey BAttending
Maki, Laila MAttending
Makoutz, Emily AAttending
Malburg, Andrew JAttending
Malburg, Pamela MAttending
Malone, Matthew AAttending
Mancewicz, Lauren KAttending
Manns, Lillian KAttending
Mao, ZhongyueNot Attending
Martell, Megan MAttending
Martin, Andrew TAttending
Martin, Kellan WNot Attending
Martin, Matthew DAttending
Mason, Rachel EAttending
Matlock, Patrick JAttending
Matthews, Robert MAttending
Mattila, Dane CAttending
Mattson, Alan RAttending
Matuszewski, Shawn SAttending
Mauer, Tessa KAttending
Maves, Evan AAttending
May, Katherine EAttending
Mazur, Derek AAttending
McClarnon, Casey RAttending
McDonnell, Macy JNot Attending
McElreath, Timothy JNot Attending
McFarland, Rachael NAttending
McGrew, Mason FAttending
McKean, Daniel JAttending
McKenna, Elliott NAttending
McKenzie, Corey MAttending
McKeon, Patrick KAttending
McQuarter, Alex JAttending
Meade, Connor RAttending
Meingast, Christa LAttending
Meinke, Erik HAttending
Melcher, William CNot Attending
Mellon, David KAttending
Menchak, Jacob MAttending
Meng, FanxingAttending
Merillat, Joshua PAttending
Merwin, Michael TAttending
Meske, Jordan RAttending
Meyette, Jared MAttending
Michaelson, Andy CAttending
Michels, Taylor JAttending
Miles, Nolan MAttending
Miller, Brandon HAttending
Mingo, Cody RAttending
Mitchell, Nathynn JAttending
Mohr, Clayton AAttending
Momsen, Neil CAttending
Moore, Greta EAttending
Moreau, Ryan MNot Attending
Moritz, Adam JAttending
Morrison, Rachel TAttending
Morse, Adam MAttending
Mortl, Joshua TAttending
Moseley, Jeremy JAttending
Mudd, Tristan JAttending
Munson, Breanne DAttending
Murphy, Charles OAttending
Murphy, Mitchell LAttending
Myers, Brandon DAttending
Myers, Tyler CAttending
Nakamura, Jared TAttending
Nanney, Matthew SAttending
Narhi, Robert PNot Attending
Nelson, Matthew RAttending
Nettell, Mark AAttending
Neu, Travis JAttending
Nevins, Daniel MAttending
Newmeyer, Zachary DAttending
Nichols, Christjana FAttending
Nichols, Cole FAttending
Nicklas, Brent CAttending
Nielsen, Jonathan DNot Attending
Nitz, Matthew CAttending
Nix, Brent JAttending
Novak, Tyler BAttending
Nyenhuis, Andria RAttending
O'Connor, Rachel JNot Attending
Oates, Michael JAttending
Oestreich, Matthew MAttending
Olds, Connor JAttending
Oliveros Torres, JavierAttending
Olsen, Olivia SAttending
Olson, Isaac SAttending
Olson, Ryan AAttending
Ostaszewski, Brooke AAttending
Osterhout, Justin MAttending
Pappas, Katie MNot Attending
Parent, Daniel JAttending
Peabody, Madeline JAttending
Pelto, Brendan CAttending
Pelto, Jennifer HAttending
Pennala, Brianna CAttending
Perla, Andrew JAttending
Perry, Charles SNot Attending
Person, Joshua SAttending
Peterson, Brita MAttending
Peterson, Nathan TAttending
Phillips, Alex LAttending
Phillips, Christopher WNot Attending
Phillips, Eric WAttending
Pieniazek, Nikolai EAttending
Pisani, William AAttending
Pittsley, Alison MAttending
Plant, Marcus SAttending
Plimpton, Earl JAttending
Ploe, Justin DAttending
Podges, James EAttending
Podges, Troy MAttending
Pokornowski, Scott EAttending
Polakowski, Daniel JAttending
Polkinghorn, Michael AAttending
Pospychala, Andrew SAttending
Pressley, Rachael EAttending
Pretzl, Luke AAttending
Priest, Anthony CAttending
Privette, Caitlyn LAttending
Prusinowski, Andrew FAttending
Przybysz, Michael DAttending
Pu, LingfengAttending
Quarless, Tayler MAttending
Ramage, Scott AAttending
Rangel, Inmelda BAttending
Ranski, Amber MAttending
Rasch, Kendra MAttending
Rathsack, Tylor CAttending
Raymer, Jay AAttending
Rebb, Raven RAttending
Rebottaro, Max LAttending
Redinger, Samuel OAttending
Redman, Mitchell DAttending
Reed, Andrew JAttending
Reed, Gregory DAttending
Reed, Sarah JAttending
Regner, Mackenzie JAttending
Ricchi, Brian JAttending
Richard, Eian JAttending
Richards, Ryan WAttending
Ringwelski, Scott GAttending
Rinke, Michael JAttending
Rinkus, Eric JAttending
Rix, Dennis JAttending
Robinson, Jennifer SAttending
Rosemore, Evan MAttending
Rosenbaum, Zachary AAttending
Roskelley, Michael JAttending
Ross, John DAttending
Ross, Kristi AAttending
Ross, Parker AAttending
Rousse, Katelyn PAttending
Rumschlag, Brian PAttending
Russek, David VAttending
Rysenga, Charles PAttending
Saksrisuwan, JakkapongAttending
Saliga, Steven RAttending
Sandvik, Sondre KAttending
Sanford, Heather MAttending
Sawyer, Jason DAttending
Scheetz, Nathaniel PAttending
Scherr, Dustin FAttending
Schlak, Becky SAttending
Schmied, Kyle TAttending
Schmiel, Brian GNot Attending
Schneider, Thomas HAttending
Schneider, Zachary SNot Attending
Schram, Sara LAttending
Schroeder, George RAttending
Schulz, Brenden MAttending
Schulz, Nathaniel CAttending
Seidl, Alex JAttending
Serocki, Eleanor EAttending
Severn, Mandi MAttending
Shamel, James MAttending
Shananaquet, Justin JAttending
Shaw, Andrew PAttending
Sheeran, ErickaAttending
Sherrill, Connor MAttending
Shi, LanAttending
Shink, Tyson GAttending
Shocknesse, Christopher LAttending
Shuler, Jacob LAttending
Sieloff, Amy KAttending
Siemen, Andrew WAttending
Simmons, Eric AAttending
Simpson, Corey MAttending
Singh, RitikAttending
Sipes, Alyssa RAttending
Sirotti, Anthony DAttending
Skultety, August JAttending
Skultety, Elizabeth JAttending
Slade, Samuel RAttending
Slavik, Kyle JAttending
Sleeper, Ashleigh NAttending
Slepak, Alexander BAttending
Sliva, Justin JAttending
Smalley, Theresa KAttending
Smart, ChristopherAttending
Smith, Rachel RAttending
Smits, Jameson RAttending
Smokoska, Ashley MAttending
Snider, Joshua WAttending
Socha, Joshua JAttending
Solis, Charles DAttending
Sommer, Tyler SAttending
Sotirin Miller, Tavis AAttending
Soulliere, Alec GAttending
Soulliere, Aric HAttending
Sova, Daniel JAttending
Spalding, Patrick WAttending
Spicer, Stephanie KNot Attending
Spoehr, MaryBeth EAttending
Stapleton, James WNot Attending
Stebner, Bradley AAttending
Stefaniak, Michael PNot Attending
Stenzelbarton, Amanda DAttending
Stewart, Christopher JAttending
Stigers, Adam JAttending
Stippel, Taylor CAttending
Stockbridge, David HAttending
Stone, Connor MAttending
Strack, JacobAttending
Strobel, David JNot Attending
Strobel, Robert JNot Attending
Struble, Mitchell KAttending
Struthers, Allison KAttending
Strzalkowski, Paul SAttending
Sturos, Nathan JAttending
Sturos, Trent AAttending
Stuut, Matthew JAttending
Sullivan, Robert SAttending
Suokas, Adam KAttending
Suokas, Heather LAttending
Swanson, Katrina PNot Attending
Swartzendruber, Corbin SAttending
Switala, Michael PAttending
Talaske, Piotr JNot Attending
Tan, YubinAttending
Tang, YixiongNot Attending
Tankersley, Stephanie LAttending
Taylor, Matthew JAttending
Tervo, Jocelyn LAttending
Tether, Collin FNot Attending
Thekan, KJAttending
Thelen, Jared MNot Attending
Thiel, Alexander FAttending
Thornton, Staci NAttending
Thoune, Brent MAttending
Tianen, Matthew NAttending
Tisor, Anthony MAttending
Tobey, Jordan DAttending
Tomlinson, Tyler KAttending
Topitzes, Madeline AAttending
Torrez, Cody JAttending
Traynoff, Kelcey RAttending
Treankler, Brock DAttending
Trierweiler, Steve JAttending
Troost, John TAttending
Tropper, Peter DAttending
Troyer, Shawn LAttending
Tuer, Michael TAttending
Turner, Derek JAttending
Tusa, Jyll EAttending
Twomey, Shannon MAttending
Unema, Levi GAttending
Unteriner, Jackson GAttending
Usimaki, Reuben PAttending
Van Rooy, Lindsey LAttending
Van Steen, Jonathan WAttending
VanAlstyne, Daniel JAttending
VanderKooi, Anna MAttending
VanderWall, Adam GAttending
VanderWall, Brittany MAttending
Vandevoorde, Brian LAttending
Vang, KengAttending
VanHoof, Jessica JAttending
VanSickle, Calvin SAttending
Venier, Joseph KAttending
Ver Hoef, Kyle GAttending
Verhaeghe, Dillon JAttending
Vreeland, Christian CAttending
Waara, Katelyn EAttending
Wagner, Cylee AAttending
Wainright, Jaymes MAttending
Walk, Caleb EAttending
Walker, Lucas WAttending
Walters, Kevin JAttending
Wang, MinjunAttending
Wang, QianmanAttending
Warhus, Michael MAttending
Waterman, Jacob AAttending
Waters, Matthew JAttending
Watza, John MAttending
Way, Michael CAttending
Waypa, Kenneth MAttending
Weaver, Darryl AAttending
Weber, Zachary JAttending
Weinand, Kathryn EAttending
Weiner, William EAttending
Welling, Shane WAttending
Wenger, Neil CAttending
Westphal, Nicole MAttending
Whalen, Kelsey MAttending
Whiting, Amanda RAttending
Wigand, Justin RAttending
Wilda, Isaac TAttending
Wilkinson, Adam MAttending
Wilks, Kevin JAttending
Willett, Mathew TAttending
Williams, Daniel LAttending
Williamson, Danielle LAttending
Wilson, Lena MAttending
Wilson, Richard JAttending
Wilson, Valerie LAttending
Wiltse, Jacob MAttending
Wirtanen, Belinda RAttending
Witham, Jonathan DAttending
Wojey, Bethanie MAttending
Wolak, Nathan MAttending
Wolbeck, Emily CAttending
Wolschendorf, Philip NAttending
Woodbeck, Jay DAttending
Wright, Justin DAttending
Wright, Melissa JAttending
Xu, NuoyaAttending
Yahr, William SAttending
Yang, QinjinNot Attending
Yang, TianyeAttending
Yeager, Roger DNot Attending
Ylitalo, Anna MAttending
Young, Christopher SAttending
Yovetich, Marissa RAttending
Yu, TeAttending
Yue, KailiAttending
Yurgil, John RAttending
Zahid, AmnaAttending
Zhang, LongNot Attending
Zhang, Xin JAttending
Zirbel, David JAttending