Overview of Initial Certification Process

The process of applying for admission to the Teacher Education program begins when you set up an initial meeting with the Certification Officer. These steps provide an overview of this process from the initial meeting to professional certification.

  1. Set up initial meeting to discuss major, minor and education courses
  2. Fill out and submit two forms
    1. Application for admission to the teacher education program
    2. Conviction statement form
  3. Receive letter of acceptance, after
    1. Application and conviction statement approved
    2. GPA is at or above 2.5 for math/science courses and at or above 2.75 for social science courses
    3. The Dean of Students recommends acceptance
  4. Determine course work plan
  5. Get approval each semester to take ED courses
    1. GPA standards must be maintained to get approval
  6. Prepare for student teaching
    1. Take ED4700 and content methods courses (ED4720, MA4905, SS4020, CS4750)—requires permission
    2. Pass the Basic Skills Test in math, reading, and writing
    3. Schedule a placement meeting
  7. Fulfill Student Teaching Requirement
    1. Student registers for Directed Teaching ED4910 (requires permission)
    2. Complete all MTU course requirements
    3. Teacher Education staff visit your classroom three to four times during the semester
    4. Attend three seminars on campus (all student teachers required to attend)
    5. Pass MTTC subject area tests
  8. Degree awarded by Michigan Tech

Levels of Certification (after degree awarded)

State of Michigan Secondary Provisional Certification—valid for 6 years

  1. Create accounts with the Michigan Online Educator Certification System
  2. Michigan Tech approves recommendation for certification
  3. Receive Secondary Provisional Certificate from State of Michigan

Professional Certificate—valid for 5 years

  • Complete 18 semester hours in a planned course of study with any Michigan teacher preparation institution, after the issuance of the Provisional Certificate, or complete an approved Master’s degree or higher, at any time, and 3 years of successful teaching experience within the validity and grade level of the Provisional Certificate.