Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student at another college. Can I receive a Noyce Scholarship while I am enrolled in my current school?
No. The Michigan Tech Noyce Scholarships are only available to enrolled Michigan Tech students.

I am not a US citizen. Am I eligible?
Recipients of stipends or scholarships must be US citizens or nationals, or permanent resident aliens. Others are not eligible.

How many years of scholarship support can I get?
If you are a STEM graduate (you already have a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) you can get a one-year stipend of $25,000. If you are a STEM undergraduate, you are eligible for up to two years of support at $20,000 per year.

What if I am a part-time student?
Part-time students may receive prorated scholarships.

Am I eligible for a scholarship as an undergraduate student?
STEM majors are only eligible for Noyce Scholarships during the last two years of their undergraduate program.

I am an elementary teacher and would like to become certified to teach at the high school level. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
Already-certified K–12 teachers are not eligible for scholarships.

I teach English, but have always wanted to become certified to teach mathematics. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
Even though you would like to add a certification area, already-certified teachers are not eligible for scholarships.

What is a high-need school?
For a district to qualify as a high-need public school, at least 20 percent of the district's population ages 5–17 must be living in poverty.

View the 2012 Census Poverty Data by Local Educational Agency for the State of Michigan, which lists the poverty data for each school district in Michigan.

For other districts in the US, one can calculate percent of poverty under Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates at the US Census Bureau website.

How long do I have to complete my teaching obligation under the program?
STEM professionals must complete their two-year teaching in a high-needs school within four years of completing the course of study leading to teacher certification at Michigan Tech. Undergraduate STEM majors must complete their teaching obligation within eight years of completing the program.

What happens if I am unable to find a teaching job in a high-needs school?
If you cannot find a qualifying job, your scholarship is converted to a loan, which you must pay back to Michigan Tech.

What happens if I am teaching in a high-needs school and I am meeting my obligations under the program, but I get laid off after two years of teaching?
If you lose your job and are not able to fulfill your teaching obligation, your scholarship is prorated. For example, if you have taught two years, but have a four year teaching obligation, 50 percent of your scholarship is converted to a loan.

If my scholarship turns into a loan because I cannot fulfill the obligations I agreed to, do I have to pay interest?