Student Teacher

Student Teaching

As a student teacher, you occupy a dual position: you are both a student who is learning a job and a teacher who is responsible for actual classroom instruction.

Approval for Student Teaching (ED4910) may only be granted when the following conditions are met:

  • The application for student teaching must be submitted by Friday of the second week of the previous semester.
  • All required Division of Teacher Education courses must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Departmental approval is required prior to registering for any education course.
  • The minimum GPA for your teaching major. The requirements for each major follow: 2.5 GPA for math, biology, chemistry, earth science, integrated science, physics, and English; and 2.75 GPA for social sciences and economics.
  • A passing score on the Basic Skills Examination (SAT, ACT, or PRE).
  • Approval by the Education Faculty Committee, indicating that the committee recognizes that the candidate is academically, pedagogically, and socially prepared for student teaching.

Additional details are available in the following documents:

Students are not permitted to make their own student teaching placements. The University cannot guarantee that students will be placed in the schools of their choice.

Because of the commitment made by school districts and cooperating teachers, and because of the costs associated with placing student teachers, if a student applies and accepts a placement for student teaching and subsequently withdraws (either before or during the student teaching assignment), the student will need to wait one calendar year before being placed in another student teaching assignment. It is critical that a student who applies for student teaching accepts the professional responsibility associated with student teaching. School districts make professional commitments to students, and the expectation is that students will act in a professional and responsible manner. Appeals to this rule are rarely granted, but may be made in writing to the chair of the Division of Teacher Education.

It is the Division of Teacher Education's policy to not permit student teachers to take additional classes or work outside of the student teaching internship. The policy also means that no other student internship is allowable during your student teaching assignment. Any variation from this policy must be approved six weeks in advance by the Division of Teacher Education.