Initial Teacher Certification

Make Learning and Teaching Your Career

If you are pondering a career in secondary teaching, think impactful, rewarding, and creative. What other career offers the opportunity to learn and foster learning for a living, while molding the minds of the world’s future thinkers? When you share your knowledge with our youth, you leave a lasting impression on our society.

Michigan Tech’s teacher education program, housed within the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences, provides resources for future teachers to become certified in secondary education. Our unique approach combines a BS or BA degree with a concentration in secondary education, a teaching minor, and additional course work leading to Michigan teaching certification.

Teaching Certification Majors

Michigan Tech offers teaching certification majors in 10 content areas. Our degree programs prepare students for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, while providing strong content knowledge. Secondary education students have the flexibility to pursue any career pathway within their major discipline—not just teaching.

All students must apply to the teacher education program and gain acceptance before declaring a teaching certification major.

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Prepare to teach ecology, environmental science, anatomy and physiology, general biology, physical science, or an emerging discipline.


The School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, in partnership with the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences, offers programs leading to State of Michigan teaching certification for high school biology teachers:


Learn about the many exciting advances taking place in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, genomics, and material science—all based on fundamental discoveries in chemistry.


Computer Science

Gain broad and strong knowledge in computer science, including technical expertise in programming, software engineering, algorithms, operating systems, and architecture.


Earth and Space Science and Integrated Science

Develop rock-solid geology skills that will give you flexibility throughout your career. Graduates are prepared for teaching, graduate school, or careers in industry. Earth and space science and integrated science is a critical component of middle- and high-school curricula.



Build a strong theoretical and analytical foundation through outstanding course offerings in math, economics, finance, and business, and equip yourself to teach economics in a secondary setting.



Prepare to meet the challenges of teaching literacy in a global environment, and learn how to integrate current technology into your teaching methodology.


Integrated Science

Integrate science course work into your degree, and gain a broad background in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Add the flexibility to teach secondary-level science to any degree.



Learn and teach mathematics using the latest technological tools, software, and educational practices. You will take specialized courses in geometry, number theory, and the history of mathematics.



Learn the fundamental concepts of how the physical universe works through in-depth classroom instruction and practical laboratory experiments incorporating cutting-edge technology.


Social Studies

Secure teaching certification in history, government, geography, and economics, with enhanced employability through a required minor in science or math.


Teaching Minors

A requirement of initial teaching certification in the state of Michigan is completion of a teaching minor. Students should note that a teaching minor, which typically consists of 20 to 24 credits, differs from a University minor. Michigan Tech offers teaching minors in seven content areas:

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