Program Admissions

Program Admissions

Admission to Michigan Tech does not automatically grant a student admission to the teacher education program. Students must apply separately to the Division of Teacher Education by first setting up an appointment to meet with Shari Stockero, certification officer. Typically, students apply to the program no earlier than their sophomore year. An application and a conviction statement form will be given to you at this initial meeting.

Requirements for admission include:

  • Prior experience working with children or adolescents. Teacher education candidates will document their experience in a portfolio.
  • Grade Point Average. Students in the teacher education program must maintain a minimum major GPA. The requirements for each major follow: 2.5 GPA for math, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, integrated science, physics, and English; and 2.75 GPA for social sciences and economics. In addition, all students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in their education and certification minor courses.
  • Recommendations. Candidates are required to submit a recommendation from the Dean of Students or, if a postgraduate, two letters of reference.
  • Conviction Statement Form. Candidates must complete the Conviction Statement Form, which authorizes the release of all records and information pertaining to any convictions for criminal offenses or penalties for violation of University regulations to the Division of Teacher Education. This information may be on file either at the University’s Office of the Dean of Students, the Michigan State Police, or any other criminal justice agency. Through this form, students consent to the use and communication of such information by the faculty and administration of the Division of Teacher Education in assessing compliance with admission requirements. We reserve the right to refuse admission based on any criminal record that indicates the student might have an adverse effect on the teaching profession. Any misrepresentation by a student concerning a matter governed by teacher education requirements shall itself constitute a failure to comply.

Students who do not meet these criteria may appeal in writing to the Division of Teacher Education Admission Appeal Committee, citing reason(s) for the appeal and providing supporting documentation.

Departmental approval is required prior to registration for any education course.