Kedmon N. Hungwe

Kedmon H. Hungwe


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Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Program Coordinator, Peace Corps Masters International

  • PhD, Michigan State University, 1999


Kedmon Hungwe joined Michigan Technological in 2002. He was previously at the University of Zimbabwe where he was a Senior Lecturer in Education.

Research Interests

  • Sociocultural development perspectives in various contexts, including work, school, and informal settings. My current focus is on youth and adolescent development in relation to societal change.
  • Science education
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Development of spatial visualization abilities

Sample publications

  • Monograph
  • Hungwe, K. (1994). Educational Policy in African Colonial Contexts: The Case of Instructional Media in Southern Rhodesia (1930-1980) Read More
  • Journal articles & book chapters
  • Hungwe, K. (forthcoming). Innovations on school reform: Technology and the impact on curriculum and teaching. In Anne Mungai (ed.) School Reform in High Need Schools: Teaching the next Generation. Sense publishers.
  • Hungwe, K., Sorby, S., Molzon, R., Charlesworth, P. & Wang, M. (2014). Supporting the development of spatial visualization in middle grades and high school students. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. DOI: 10.1615/JWomenMinorScienEng.2014010709 Read More
  • Murthy, P., Thompson, M., & Hungwe, K. (2014) The Development of a Semester-long, Inquiry-Based Laboratory Course in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. J. Chem. Educ. DOI: 10.1021/ed400119u Read More
  • Hungwe, K. (2013). The youth demographic: opportunity and challenge for developmental planning: a Zimbabwe case study. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 3 (6): 119-127. Doi:10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n6p119 Read More
  • Englemann, C., Hungwe, K. & Klawiter, M. (2013). Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MiTEP): Using Lesson Study for Professional Development. In Susan B. Koba, Brenda S. Wojnowski, & Robert E. Yager (eds.) Exemplary Science: Best Practices in Professional Development, Revised 2nd Edition. NSTA Press Read More
  • Hungwe, K. (2012). Identity, self-interpretation and workplace change: An investigation of the work activity of machining. Journal of Adult Development. DOI 10.1007/s10804-011-9139-6 Read More
  • Hungwe, K. (2010). Designing online learning environments for professional development. In Myint Swe Khine & Issa Saleh (Eds.). New Science of Learning: Cognition, Computers and Collaboration in Education (pp. 469-482). New York: Springer. Read More
  • Hungwe, K. (2007) Language policy in Zimbabwean education: historical antecedents and contemporary issues. Compare, 37, 135-149. DOI:10.1080/03057920601165363 Read More
  • Hungwe, K., Sorby, S. & Drummer, T. (2007). Preparing K-12 Students for Engineering Studies by Improving 3-D Spatial Skills. International Journal of Learning 14(2), 127-134. Read More
  • Parolini, L., Sorby, S. & Hungwe, K. (2006). Developing 3-D Spatial Skills for K-12 Students. Engineering Design Graphics Journal, 70 (3), 1-11. Read More
  • Hungwe, K. (2005). Narrative and Ideology: Fifty years of film-making in Zimbabwe. Media, Culture and Society, 27:83-99. Read More

Research Projects

  • 1) Cultural contexts of human development: I am exploring the synthesis of cultural historical psychological theory, semiotic theory, and theories about artifacts to develop alternative ways of conceptualizing knowledge. This work is an extension of my recently published work on identify formation published in the Journal of Adult Development. 2) Michigan Tech has awarded me a $13,000 Research Excellence Fund grant to study youth and adolescent development. I am working towards a book publication. The book's theme will be 'coming of age' focusing on the interplay between agency, ideology and social control. The study focuses on Zimbabwe