Financial Assistance Options

  1. Undergraduate, Graduate and low-income employee families should apply for the "Access to High Quality Early Childhood Education Scholarship Fund." The description and link to the application are on our homepage. Eva-Marie Hatfield at (906) 487-3528 or
  2. Undergraduate and Graduate students, as well as low-income families should apply for financial assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department Of Health and Human Service determines eligibility.
  3. The Women's Caring Program Child Care Commitment provides financial assistance for early care and education for children birth to 5 from disadvantaged families (who are working more than 35 hours per week or full-time student(s) or a combination of both) who are not eligible for childcare payments from another funding source. For more information contact or call 1-800-875-6751.
  4. Students may also use their overage checks from the Department of Financial Aid to cover childcare costs. Students have the option of taking out a student loan to cover other college related costs including childcare. For more information about Financial Aid contact the Michigan Tech Financial Aid Department at (906) 487-2622 .

In order to clear up some confusion about child care rates, we have provided some information to help compare your current rates to the Little Huskies rates

  • Remember that our rates are figured out at a monthly rate not a weekly rate. During the months that there are five weeks the rates do not increase.
  • In order to figure out an accurate weekly full time rate for Little Huskies you must take monthly rate divided by 4.3 (weeks in a month).
  • In order to compare your current weekly situation, multiply by 4.3.