The Childcare Board

Sue Beske-Diehl, Chair Faculty, Geological and Mining
Becky Christianson, Communications Chair Staff, Human Resources
Tammy Haut Donahue Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
Ingrid Cheney Staff, Human Resources
Debra Forsell Staff, Dean of Students Office
M.C. Friedrich Faculty, Visual & Performing Arts
Gretchen Hein Faculty, Engineering Fundamentals
Andrew Storer Faculty, Forestry
Paula Nutini Michigan Tech Fund
Jenn Christianson Undergraduate Student
Liz VanHeusden Undergraduate Student
Ryan Bartholomew Undergraduate Student
Santosh Ghimire Graduate Student
Teresa Coleman-Kaiser ex-officio, Memorial Union

Advisory Board Information (pdf)
Advisory Board Application (pdf)

If you have questions please call Ingrid Cheney, Director, Benefits at 906-487-2767