ChemTracker Basics

ChemTracker is an online tool that can be used for searching the Department of Chemistry's inventory of chemicals. If a chemical is on hand, you can find the owner of the chemical and the lab where it is located.

Searching for Chemicals

  1. Open the ChemTracker login page.
  2. Log in with the appropriate user name and password, which can be obtained from a lab mate, advisor, or department administrator.
  3. Click “Load lists at start-up?”; then click “Refresh.”
  4. Click “Inventory -> By Value.”
  5. In the left-hand box, type in a chemical name and press enter. A dialog box will appear. Click “Search.” Double-click the chemical name.
  6. Click “Search -> English.” Double-click the chemical name again.
  7. Search results are now displayed. Note that you can scroll to the right and view the owner of the chemical and the lab where it is located.

Locating MSDSs

It is no longer required that research labs maintain hard-copy files of MSDSs. However, all working members must be able to find the MSDS for chemicals within five minutes, if required. To locate MSDSs,

  1. Log in as instructed above in “Searching for Chemicals.”
  2. Search for a chemical as instructed above in “Searching for Chemicals.”
  3. Highlight a chemical in the results window by clicking on it.
  4. Click “Single Row Information -> MSDS.”
  5. A new browser tab will open, allowing you to review, save, and/or print the MSDS.

Removing Items from Inventory

When solvent and reagent bottle are emptied, the item must be removed from inventory. Empty bottles must be washed and rinsed. Labels must be removed or defaced. Plastic bottles may be placed in the garbage. Glass bottles must be placed in glass disposal boxes. To remove items from inventory,

  1. Log in as instructed above in “Searching for Chemicals.”
  2. Click “Load lists at start-up?”; then click “Refresh.”
  3. Your advisor should be listed under “By Owner.” Double-click his/her name.
  4. All chemicals in your advisor's research and teaching labs should be listed. Double-click on a chemical to delete. A results list will appear.
  5. The chemical may be listed multiple times. Verify the room number and other information, and highlight the correct record to be deleted.
  6. Click “Selected Row Functions -> Delete.”
  7. Rinse, deface, and dispose of the bottle.

NOTE: You may also locate MSDSs for chemicals currently in your advisor's labs using your Michigan Tech ISO login, as well as search your advisor's inventories. Practice safety precautions when handling chemicals.