Spring 2012 Environmental Engineering Seminars

2011-2012 Environmental Engineering CE 5990 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 2:00–3:00 PM in Room G06 of Rekhi Hall.

Spring 2012

DatePresenter and AffiliationTitle
01/23/2012Dr. Martin Auer, Michigan Tech Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering.The Myth of Sustainability: Life on a runaway planet
02/06/2012Woo Hyoung LeeNeedle-type Electrochemical Microsensors for In Situ Monitoring of Biological and Chemical Compounds and Applications for Biofilm Research
02/13/2012Dr. Judith Perlinger, MTU Environmental EngineeringModeling air-water and air-land transfers of contaminants
02/20/2012S-STEM 1: Ethiopian Water Garden & Suriname Water Treatment LCAEthiopian Water Garden & Suriname Water Treatment LCA
02/27/2012S-STEM 2: Microbial Fuel Cell & Indoor Air Quality ModelingMicrobial Fuel Cell & Indoor Air Quality Modeling
03/12/2012Dr. Daya Muralidharan, MTU School of BusinessGroundwater sustainability issues in California
03/19/2012Michelle Banonis, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (MTU alumna)San Joaquin River Restoration Program
03/22/2012Lana Pollack, International Joint CommissionCritical Issues for the Great Lakes
03/26/2012S-STEM 3: Bone Char Water treatment & PCMI AssessmentBone Char Water treatment & PCMI Assessment
04/02/2012Dr. Alan Weidemann, Office of Naval ResearchRemote optical studies of the Great Lakes
04/09/2012S-STEM 4: Great Lakes P monitoring & Pilgrim River Watershed PlanGreat Lakes Monitoring & Pilgrim River Watershed Plan
04/16/2012Drs. Watkins, Griffis, Mayer (MTU CEE Dept.), Katelyn Watson, Ali Mirchi, Rabi Gyawali, Meredith Ballard – doctoral candidatesMUSES: Water as an economic commodity in the Great Lakes Basin