Spring 2014 Environmental Engineering Seminars

Environmental Engineering ENVE 5992 Seminars, Spring 2014

Unless otherwise noted, 3:05 pm - 3:55 pm, Mondays, Great Lakes Research Center Room 0202, unless noted otherwise.

DatePresenter and AffiliationTitlePlace

Jan. 27

Ali Mirchi and David Watkins

A Virtual Winter Vacation: Modeling Ecosystem Services and Water Management in South Florida

Fisher 139

Feb. 3

Kathy Halvorsen

 The Socioecological Sustainability of Forest-based Bioenergy

GLRC 202

Feb. 10

Rasika Gawde
Marcel Dykstra


Hydrodynamics and Thermal Structure in Lake Superior: Impacts of an Episodic Climate Anomaly
Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: Impacts of an episodic climate anomaly

GLRC 202

Feb. 17

Kaye Lafond
Anika Kuczynski

Forcing Hydrologic Models with GCM Output: Bias Correction vs. the “Delta Change” Method

Management implications of Cladophora resurgence in the Great Lakes

GLRC 202

Feb. 24 

Jay Green

Stormwater Here and There (Houghton, Michigan and King County, Washington)

GLRC 202

March 4

Marc Blanchard

Clean cooking technologies for low-income communities

Dow 641

Mar 17Pengfei XueDoes Regional Ocean-Atmosphere Model Coupling Matter? Case studies of Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia and implications for Great Lakes studyGLRC 202
Mar 24Wayne PenningtonNuts and Bolts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development (Including all you might like to know about the technology and practice of hydraulic fracturing)”GLRC 202
Mar 31Brian Barkdoll, Dept. of Civil and Environmental EngineeringDoes Injecting Air in Water Reduce ErosionGLRC 202
Apr 7Riqing Yu, school of civil and environmental engineering at the Georgia Institute of TechnologyNew Pathways of Microbial Hg Methylation and MeHg Degradation in Freshwater EcosystemsGLRC 202
Apr 14Andrew Burton, Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental ScienceGlobal Change Effects on Carbon Storage in Northern ForestsGLRC 202
Apr 21Lauren Fry, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI"Linking Hydrological and Hydrodynamics Models to Determine the Impacts of Rivers on Nearshore Water Quality"GLRC 202
Apr 21Mark Rowe, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI"Modeling the Effects of Stratification and Bathymetry on the Interaction of Phytoplankton and Invasive Quagga Mussels in Nearshore Lake Michigan"
GLRC 202