Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering provides an educational, professional, and intellectual experience that enables a diverse body of students, alumni, faculty, and staff to contribute to society through teaching, research, practice, and service.

Vision Statement

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will develop internationally prominent educational and research programs that will benefit all of its constituencies and, in doing so, will become an international Department of Choice.

Guiding Principles

We will continually work to engage our students, faculty, and staff in the integration, creation, and dissemination of knowledge through teamwork, personalized instruction, research, and outreach. We will value diversity. We will measure our success by the success of our graduates and by the growth in the department's prestige.

Diversity and Inclusion

To further the Department’s mission of teaching, research, and service, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan Technological University strives to be diverse, inclusive, and respectful of all Department staff, faculty, and students in support of the University’s Diversity Statement. The goal of this statement is to ensure everyone will be given equitable support, opportunity, and access to resources necessary to realize individual potential while contributing to the success of the Department.
The Department adopts the University’s definition of diversity and non-discrimination statement as follows: Diversity encompasses the differences that we each bring with us through our individual backgrounds, which include race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, genetic information, socioeconomic class, marital status, differently abled, and veteran status. Inclusive means that all members will be welcomed, respected, and engaged in all aspects of the Department in which they choose to be involved.