Paul V. Doskey

Paul V. Doskey


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Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr. Doskey teaches in the area of environmental chemistry, specializing in atmospheric organic chemistry and atmosphere-biosphere exchange. His major research interests are in environmental chemodynamics and biogeochemistry. The goals of Dr. Doskey’s research are (1) to advance mechanistic understanding of the biogeochemical processing of synthetic organic chemicals, climate-forcing gases, and aerosol precursors and (2) to improve the ability of multimedia environmental and Earth system models to predict the fate of chemicals in various compartments of the environment and responses of the Earth system to nutrient supply, biospheric stressors, changes in land use and biodiversity, and climatic perturbations. Research activities include sampling and analytic technique development, landscape- and regional-scale measurements of ambient levels and atmosphere-surface exchange rates from surface- and aircraft-based platforms, and development of parameterizations for environmental and biogeochemical processes. Dr. Doskey has published in such diverse journals as Atmospheric Environment, Limnology and Oceanography, the Journal of Great Lakes Research, Environmental Science and Technology, Geophysical Research Letters, and the Journal of Geophysical Research. He is author or co-author of 100+ journal, book, report, and conference publications and presentations.

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental chemistry
  • Atmospheric organic chemistry
  • Atmosphere-biosphere exchange

Research Interests

  • Environmental chemodynamics
  • Biogeochemistry