Lawrence L. Sutter

Lawrence L. Sutter


Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Director, MDOT Transportation Materials Research Center

Faculty Fellow, Office of Vice President of Research

  • PhD, Michigan Technological University
  • MS, Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering Option, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering - Mineral Processing Option, Michigan Technological University
  • AAS, Electrical Engineering Technology, Ohio Institute of Technology


Dr. Lawrence L. Sutter, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Materials Science & Engineering Department at Michigan Tech. He also serves as Director of the Michigan Department of Transportation Materials Research Center. Previously he was Director of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute and also Director of the University Transportation Center (UTC) for Materials in Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (MiSTI). Prior to these positions he served as a Professor of Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology in the School of Technology.

He has an extensive background in materials characterization and concrete pavement durability, and has done research on various recycled and secondary materials including fly ash, blast furnace slag, and municipal solid waste incinerator ash, in addition to conventional construction materials such as aggregates, concrete and asphalt. Recent projects have included extensive studies of the effects of alternative deicers on concrete pavements. He performed research projects for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) and the Michigan, South Dakota, and Wisconsin DOTs investigating concrete pavement durability and performance. 

Dr. Sutter is a member of ASTM Committees C01 (Cement) and C09 (Concrete), is a member of the Executive Committees of each Committee, and serves as Chairman of Subcommittee C09.24 (Supplementary Cementitious Materials) and Joint Subcommittee C01/C09.93 on Symposiums and Papers. He serves as Secretary of Subcommittee C09.65 Petrography. Dr. Sutter serves on numerous other ASTM subcommittees including C09.27 Ground Slag, C09.48 Performance of Cementitious Materials and Admixture Combinations, and C09.50 Risk Management for Alkali Aggregate Reactions.

Dr. Sutter is a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and serves as Secretary of ACI Committee 232 on Fly Ash and is a member of ACI Committees 130 (Sustainability), 201 (Durability), 221 (Aggregates), 239 (Ultra-high Performance Concrete) and also serves on the board-level Educational Activities Committee (EAC).

Dr. Sutter is the Michigan Technological University faculty representative to the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) where he serves on the Executive Committee, Membership Committee (Co-Chair), and Faculty Committee.  The FDP is an organization that seeks to streamline grant contracting between federal agencies and universities, with the intent of reducing the administrative burden for administrators and researchers.

Teaching Interests

  • Portland Cement Concrete & Concrete-Making Materials
  • Portland Cement Production
  • Alternative Cementitious Cements (e.g., geoploymers)
  • Materials Characterization
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis

Research Interests

  • Portland Cement Concrete
  • Concrete Durability
  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials
  • Cementitious Systems
  • Materials Characterization
  • Concrete Construction by 3D Printing