Board of Trustees

(All terms expire December 31 of year indicated.)

Thomas L. Baldini, Marquette, Michigan 2009–2016
Julie A. Fream, Birmingham, Michigan 2011-2018
Robert J. Jacquart, Ironwood, Michigan 2013-2020
William L. Johnson, Newaygo, Michigan 2015-2022
Linda D. Kennedy, Troy, Michigan 2013-2020
Paul G. Ollila, Painesdale, Michigan 2009-2016
Brenda R. Ryan, Commerce Township, Michigan 2015-2022
Terry J. Woychowski, Commerce Township, MI 2011–2018

University Administrators

  • President, Glenn D. Mroz
  • Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, Jacqueline E. Huntoon
  • VP for Student Affairs and Advancement, Les P. Cook
  • VP for Administration, Ellen S. Horsch
  • VP for Governmental Relations; Sec'y, Board of Trustees, Dale R. Tahtinen
  • VP for Research, David D. Reed
  • Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Julie Seppala
  • Chief Information Officer, Walter W. Milligan

Faculty Administration

  • College of Engineering
    • Dean, Wayne D. Pennington
    • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Leonard J. Bohmann
  • Department Chairs
    • Biomedical Engineering, Sean J. Kirkpatrick
    • Chemical Engineering, S. Komar Kawatra
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering, David W. Hand
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering, Daniel R. Fuhrmann
    • Engineering Fundamentals, Jon H. Sticklen
    • Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, John S. Gierke
    • Materials Science and Engineering, Stephen L. Kampe
    • Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, William W. Predebon
  • College of Sciences and Arts
    • Dean, Bruce E. Seely
    • Associate Dean for Special Initiatives, Linda M. Ott
    • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, John A. Jaszczak
  • Department Chairs
    • Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC), Jason Engler
    • Biological Sciences, Chandrashekhar P. Joshi
    • Chemistry, Cary F. Chabalowski
    • Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Susan L. Amato-Henderson
    • Computer Science, Min Song
    • Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, Jason R. Carter
    • Humanities, Ronald L. Stickland
    • Mathematical Sciences, Mark S. Gockenbach
    • Military Science (Army ROTC), Adam Melnitsky
    • Physics, Ravindra Pandey
    • Social Sciences, Hugh S. Gorman
    • Visual and Performing Arts, Jared L. Anderson, interim
  • School of Business and Economics
    • Dean, R. Eugene Klippel
    • Associate Dean, Thomas E. Merz
  • School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
    • Dean, Terry L. Sharik
    • Associate Dean, Andrew J. Storer
  • School of Technology
    • Dean, James O. Frendewey
  • Graduate School
    • Interim Associate Provost and Dean, Jacqueline E. Huntoon
  • Library, J. R. Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie
    • University Librarian and Director, Ellen B. Marks
  • Pavlis Honors College
    • Dean, Lorelle A. Meadows