When I was a senior in high school I did not know much about Michigan Tech. All I knew was that my mother was an alumna of a school that was in the middle of nowhere, that was always buried in a bunch of snow. After coming up for preview day, I got to meet a few different students on campus. They invited me to be a husky host over winter carnival. When I came up for the husky host, I not only fell in love with the campus, but the students, the community that Tech provides, and the excitement of the students for their college.

Orientation week came; my grand entrance into college life was a five foot fall off of a hill onto the parking lot pavement, coming out with only a scraped knee. I knew it was going to be an eventful first year at this point. Coming into college, I was afraid of getting to over-committed and not being able to adapt to the rigorous college life. The only organization that I joined my first year was Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority taking up Winter Carnival Chair. This was the first big position that I held. After joining my sorority, my sisters gave me the support to join other organizations, and the motivation to take on positions in them. I soon took on the roles of Publicity and Sisterhood in Delta Phi Epsilon and started campaigning for a second year representative position in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Being voted onto USG and onto the Ways and Means Committee as a second year, gave me the confidence to try out for the Dance Team. At the end of my first year, I was involved in my sorority, USG, the dance team, and was about to become an OTL.

Orientation week round two; this time I was on the other side of orientation. Instead of being a first year student, I was able to inspire and motivate my group. I was then voted Social/Sunshine Chair and Historian for my sorority. I was very interested in growing my leadership skills which lead me to become interested in LeaderShape, and the spring break trip to Silicon Valley to meet successful people that have become heads of major companies. I was unsure that I would get accepted into either of these programs. With encouragement from my friends and family I went out on a limb and decided to apply for both LeaderShape and the spring break trip to Silicon Valley. In a single week, I found out that I was not only accepted to both of these programs, but had secured a spot as a finalist for Winter Carnival Queens.

After attending LeaderShape, I found out a lot about myself. I learned that I could inspire others and that I could be inspired by others in one week. In such a short period time, I learned how to become an effective leader through communication. Being able to learn how to sit back in conversations and listen to my peers and taking in what they had to say was a big eye opener for me. I will take these skills and apply them to my daily life.

Homecoming came and I was honored to be nominated to run for Queen; however, I am even more honored to have been nominated by Sigma Phi Epsilon for Winter Carnival Queen and selected to be a finalist. Winter Carnival was when I first fell in love with Tech. By being nominated for Queen, I am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the campus community the energy and excitement that it gave me, as well as, to thank those who have supported and encouraged me to follow my passions at Michigan Tech.