My name is Janna Clement and I am excited to represent Delta Zeta as a Queen’s finalist for my last Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech! Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula, I have become accustomed to the beautiful winter weather and all the adventures that tag along with it. Through all of my years, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any excitement that can compare to this unique festival we all look forward to. The 92 years of evolvement has truly formed an ecstatic student body - shown through endless hours of hard work on detailed statues and skit performances, beat up broomball equipment and competitive special events. But by far the most crazy, fun, unpredictable part is Winter Carnival’s All-Nighter… And only an MTU student would understand.

I am a fourth year student majoring in Exercise Science and receiving a minor in Aerospace Studies. Engulfing in the possibilities that Michigan Tech has to offer, I feel I have successfully become well-known across campus. Spending countless hours at the library, volunteering on campus (probably donating too many pints of blood), cheering on the Huskies during the weekends and taking advantage of the beautiful keweenaw. I had the chance to learn more about my major in the Pre Health Association at Tech and relieve some stress during club volleyball practice and intramural sports. But I also took some chances and stepped up as a leader - becoming President for the Greek National Honors Society, Order of Omega; as well as serving as an Executive Board member for my sorority. By far one of the most rewarding experiences is that of Air Force ROTC. This program has helped shape me into the student I am today by pushing excellence in all we do: in academics, physical fitness, leadership, and accountability. Graduating as a second lieutenant in the world’s greatest Air Force will be my greatest accomplishment thus far!

It may come as a surprise that I showed up to Michigan Tech in August of 2010 with no intentions of falling in love with this place the way that I have. I was planning on getting an education and getting out of here- but the possibilities that were thrown in my path were much too intriguing and I tripped over plenty of them. As a first year, I had the chance to attend LeaderShape where I was encouraged to have a “healthy disregard for the impossible” in shaping visions for the future. I had an unforgettable, unexplainable experience and met other students who continue to inspire me daily. With this under my belt, I had the courage to become a part of Greek Life and join Delta Zeta, something I never envisioned myself doing. Because of this I have learned to manage my time, step up in stressful situations and put myself out there. I have laughed a lot, cried a lot and loved a lot. I appreciate my sisters for their support and am grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve been so lucky to make!

As a second year, I was extremely lucky to be chosen as a Resident Assistant in East McNair. I loved the job so much I came back for more as a third year! Over the years, I learned how to work with students and resolve serious problems, to mentor others and encourage them to achieve their goals. Along with this, I also found out how to have a lot of fun and survive off 4 hours of sleep a night - comes in handy!! Embarking on a new journey as a senior, I had the chance to help the first years become aware of all of the wonderful things Michigan Tech has to offer as an Orientation Team Leader. I shared my personal experiences and helped them become a part of this student population that's oh so "crazy smart!"

Michigan Tech has opened up an unbelievable amount of doors for me over these past four years and has given me the chance to grow as an individual and as a student. I can’t truly express my appreciation for this wonderful place and would love to represent Michigan Tech as the 2014 Winter Carnival Queen! Thank you to Delta Zeta and Swift’s True Value Hardware for sponsoring me, and here’s to another great year of Carnival!