Everyone has their story about how they made it to Michigan Tech. Here is mine… I had never heard of Michigan Tech until a friend told me they planned on attending here. My first experience here was during move-in weekend. Since I had never been to the Keweenaw before, I didn’t know what to expect. Once I finally arrived on campus, I immediately understood why everybody raved about the area. I later took a drive to the scenic lookout off of highway 41 on the way to Calumet. I was in awe at the view. After that, I knew Michigan Tech was where I wanted to go to school. Before I even arrived at Tech as a student, I knew what Winter Carnival was because I had visited during the 2011 Winter Carnival. This further validated that I was making the right choice coming here. Ever since then, it has been one of my ambitions to become a Winter Carnival Queen finalist. This year, that dream has come true.

In the fall of 2012, it was my turn to experience the excitement of moving-in and becoming a student at the best university around (in my biased opinion). Since then, I have never looked back. Michigan Tech is something extremely unique and provides students with once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I have found you cannot have anywhere else. Since arriving here on that fateful, and ironically extremely hot, day in 2012, I have had the opportunity to be involved in numerous aspects of Michigan Tech on and off campus. During the first few weeks of classes, I joined PHAT (Pre-Health Association at Tech), had my first Pavlis Leadership Institute meeting, signed up for Broomball and oh yeah, I studied a lot! Since then, I have joined the Tennis Club and Michigan Tech Student Foundation, became a Biology Learning Center coach, have started working in the Clinical and Applied Human Physiology Laboratory, and I now volunteer once a week at the Aspirus Keweenaw Medical Arts building. I really enjoy being busy.

I also knew I wanted to try out for the dance team. Yes, we do have one of those. Going into college as a nationally competitive dancer for almost 13 years and dancing more than 20 hours a week was a huge transition for me, so dance team was exactly what I needed to scratch the itch to dance. I was ecstatic when I made the team and was offered a captainship position. If you have gone to football, basketball or volleyball games, I was the one with the huge smile on my face. If I am not in the library studying or taking part in numerous organization activities and volunteering, you will find me on the stage or in the dance studio. I was fortunate enough to perform with the VPA department last year during Winter Carnival in the production of Stealing Fire. It was an aerial flying show. How cool is that? This year, you’ll see me on the Rozsa stage with the accompaniment of the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra in theproduction of Swan Lake, a classical and well-known ballet. So I wonder what my talent will be for the Coronation Ceremony? I am going to perform an exciting jazz performance that you won’t want to miss!

It is with privilege and honor that I take part in an 86 year long tradition. The eight finalists that have been chosen for this year’s Winter Carnival Queen competition are amazing in their own ways and it is surely going to be a great night during the competition. Get ready, because you are going to get a blast from the past when films from your childhood are represented throughout Winter Carnival this year. I am happy to be representing Raptor Hall, and I would like give a special thanks to my hall and my friends for supporting me and Blue Key Honors Society for making this all possible. Now let’s go out there and enjoy all of this snow!