Growing up a native Yooper, I always knew that Michigan Tech was a great school just a few hours away that took the best and brightest, and turned them into engineers. While I did well in school, I much preferred courses that pushed me to write than those that honed my math skills, so I never thought that Michigan Tech would have a place for someone like me. Nonetheless, I applied and came for a visit during the fall of my senior year of high school. The fall colors were breathtaking, the faculty and students warm and welcoming, and the projects on display for Open House were fascinating. So, I did something even some of my fellow students think is crazy: I never applied to another school. I enrolled with big dreams of making a difference as a biomedical engineer.

While my dreams have changed and set me on a completely different path than the one that brought me here, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to become a Husky. As a Scientific and Technical Communications major, I’ve found a field that allows me to combine my love of writing with my interests in science and technology. Not only do I have a future to be proud of and excited for; in the meantime I can call myself a part of a community that is crazy smart enough to build awe-inspiring snow statues while still excelling in academics. I am one of many students who come together to brave the elements to play broomball, snow volleyball, and a variety of other winter sports. I enjoy the camaraderie of being a Huskies athletics fan, and I can’t imagine a sporting event without our beloved pep band. Beyond my academics, I am a proud sorority woman; Delta Phi Epsilon has given me endless opportunities to develop my leadership skills through positions such as president and new member educator, as well as a second family to support me.

Having just completed an eight month technical writing co-op last summer and fall, I’m thrilled to return and to be given a new opportunity to display my Husky pride as well as participate in a great tradition. As a candidate for Winter Carnival Queen, I am excited to have been chosen to demonstrate my love for Michigan Tech and all its values and traditions. I am honored to be representing Delta Phi Epsilon, and to be standing amongst seven other wonderful finalists. I’m also looking forward to bundling up and heading out on statue duty; all in all I know that this will be a Winter Carnival that I’ll never forget!