As winter carnival begins, excitement starts filling the air around campus! This excitement for one of Michigan Tech’s oldest traditions is contagious, and because of this, winter carnival is a special time for the community to come together. The strong sense of community at Michigan Tech is what brought me to this amazing university four years ago! I felt accepted and welcomed at Michigan Tech starting the day of my guided tour! I was so surprised during my tour that upperclassmen throughout campus would actually talk to me, and ask me questions about my interests. I knew right then that Michigan Tech would be a great college and home for me during my next step in life! Since my first day at Tech, I have tried to become an active member on campus, and give back to our Michigan Tech community by being a positive role model and mentor for underclassmen and incoming Tech students.

Orientation week was the first time I joined a student organization on campus and I am so glad I did! The Society of Women Engineers, SWE, was hosting a hike to the Hungarian waterfall and I decided to take a chance and go on this hike. I have always had a love for outdoor activities, maybe due to growing up in Traverse City, MI where you live outdoors in the summer months and take advantage of lake effect snow in winter months, so I knew this hike had to be worth my time. Little did I know that none of the SWE girls actually knew how to get to the falls; we got lost in the woods! By getting lost for a solid 20-30 minutes, I really bonded with the SWE ladies and had the chance to see the strong sense of character in my fellow peers. I have been an active and executive board SWE member since that hike freshmen year, and I am now honored to be running for winter carnival queen as a result of my nomination by the Society of Women Engineers.

One way I found that I could give back to our Tech community was applying to be a Resident Assistant in the Residence Halls. After being accepted as the new Shangri-La Resident Assistant by Housing and Residence Life, I vowed to try my hardest to be a hardworking, caring, and positive rode model to my residents. Throughout the year, my hall became a pretty close knit community. I hope that each of my residents can say they enjoyed their experience just as much as I did! The following year, I was asked by Housing and Residential Life to help start a brand new learning community for females looking to become engineers by accepting the program assistant role. The community became known as the Women In Engineering Learning Community, WIE. Once again, I had an amazing year coordinating activities with all the engineering departments on campus to bring fun, educational socials to my residents. We got to do some pretty cool things (Casting in the M&M, touring state of the art labs in Chem Sci, the EERC, DOW, and even the new Great Lakes Research Center, and meeting so many acclaimed women engineers and scientists in the field) thanks to Michigan Tech student organizations, staff, and professors! Another one of my favorite things about these roles was the opportunity I had to become a husky host for potentially future Tech students. I loved meeting high school students who wanted to see what Tech had to offer. This was my chance to be the upperclassman that takes time to talk to students touring Tech and help them figure out if Tech is the best place for them, just like the upperclassmen that gave me the confidence that Tech was the university for me! It was such a rewarding experience.

After retiring from Housing and Residential Life, I have stayed involved with underclassmen and the Residence Halls by being a UN1010: Creating your Success teaching assistant. Once again, I feel grateful to have had this opportunity to meet an exceptional class of 12 young men and help guide them to acquire successful habits of a Michigan Tech student.

Staying active in other student organizations such as the Alpha Society, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiChE) has provided me with so many wonderful experiences that have helped me grow as a person. Taking on the challenge of organizing Tau Beta Pi’s Scholars’ Night was overwhelming at times, but an experience I would never take back. I learned how to manage my time between planning a wedding size event (Scholars’ Night), interviewing for a career after college, schoolwork, grading papers for UN1010, executive board involvement in student organizations, and maintaining my health and sanity! Even though some may say I take on too much (my family), I would highly recommend to any freshmen student to become involved in the Michigan Tech community! It really changes your life for the better and provides you with lasting memories!

Speaking of memories, let’s make winter carnival 2013 an event to remember! Take time to get involved with all the fun events; statue building, broomball, snow volleyball, stage revue, and the list just goes on and on. You will not regret it!