Hi all! My name is Jordan Erickson and I am a fourth year history major and journalism minor here at Michigan Tech. Now I bet you’re wondering what would entice a history major to come to a traditionally engineering focused school, and to me the answer is simple; once you get a taste of the Michigan Tech kool-aid, you’re hooked.

Before I even thought about college, growing up with two Huskies as parents, stories about the good ole days in Houghton were inescapable. I heard it all, from the winter with 100 straight days of snow, to Copper Country cruising around the Keweenaw, to putting in the hours on snow statues. Listening to these stories my usual reaction was “Wow, my parents are weird. Who would want to go to a place with so much snow where they make you build things out it and where weird foods called pastys are a diet staple”. After my first visit to campus, I finally got it.

Like many Michigan Tech students, my favorite season is winter, because with the cold months and short days comes the celebration of Winter Carnival. I am thrilled to be representing the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon in this year’s queen competition and cant wait to see what Carnival has in store this year.

As the Sports Editor of the Michigan Tech Lode and a fervent sports fan, I love watching the Carnival athletic events, from broomball to the yooper sprint. However, growing up playing hockey in Minnesota, I can’t deny that I love ending the weekend watching Husky hockey battle for the MacInnes Cup.

Outside of Carnival events, I am the president of the Michigan Tech Anthropology Club as well as a campus tour guide. When taking potential students on tours of our campus, one of my favorite things to tell them is how easy it is to create whatever future you want for yourself. In my time as a Husky, I’ve gone on an archaeological dig in the Andes Mountains of Peru, I earned an internship with a professional hockey writer, and was one of the founding members of the anthropology club on campus.

Outside of the classroom, I love to play hockey and do pretty much any outdoor activity. In the summer nothing beats swimming in Lake Superior on a hot day or taking a hike in the amazing area surrounding our campus. In the winter I love to play hockey, snowshoe, cross-country ski, and snowboard.

Once again, i cant wait for carnival to begin, and I cant wait to show you what’s up my sleeve in the queen’s competition.