Winter Carnival

2010 Games We Know Captured in Snow

Feb 3-6

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Statue Results

Month Long Statue

  Fraternities Women's Groups Student Organizations Residence Halls
First Phi Kappa Tau Delta Zeta Army ROTC FYE
Second Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Tau MTU Four-Wheelers Northern Alliance
Third Tau Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Air Force ROTC Mama's Boys
Fourth Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Gamma Delta PFRC Summit
Fifth Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Xi Zeta   West McNair Superhall


  On-Campus Off-Campus Residence Halls
First NAHB Concordia Student Ministries Bastille
Second Geology Club (Tie for 2nd) LSM (Good Shepherd Lutheran) Sleepy Hollow
Third Circle K (Tie for 2nd)   Night Club/VPA
Fourth Mu Beta Psi   Strange Crew
Fifth SBE (Dean's Student Advisory Committee)   CSLC/Daddy's Girls
Katie Wysocky plays basketball for Michigan Tech.

Faces of Carnival: Women's Basketball Star Finally Makes it to Winter Carnival

Katie Wysocky has represented Michigan Tech on the basketball floor the last three winters, in locations like San Antonio, Orlando and all over the Midwest. One place she’s never been . . . [read more]

Anne Francois at the starting line of the Yooper Sprint.

Faces of Carnival: Anne Francois, Yooper Sprinter

Anne Francois volunteered for the Yooper Sprint Saturday morning to get involved in her first Winter Carnival. The first-year biomed major from Grand Rapids was representing Thermopylae House of Douglass . . . [read more]

Victoria Demers returns the ball in the snow volleyball special event with Mu Beta Psi teammates.

Faces of Carnival: Victoria Demers, Snow Volleyball Rookie

Under grey skies and gently falling snowflakes, Blue Key Honor Society members were setting up the snow volleyball courts for 10:00 a.m. Saturday matches near the Student Development Complex. There were . . . [read more]

Brad Nedrow, on-ice coordinator for human ice bowling, gives instructions at Dee Stadium.

Faces of Carnival: Brad Nedrow, Ice Bowling Shepherd

Brad Nedrow spent a late night at Dee Stadium, herding Huskies into position to ice bowl, just one of several frenetic duties. The third-year biological sciences major from Wolverine Lake, Mich., . . . [read more]

  • 01. When is the All-nighter?

    The All-nighter is Wednesday, February 3 and statue construction for the one-nighter snow statues begins at 4:00 p.m.

  • 02. When is the statue judging?

    Statue work must be completed by 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 4 and judging will begin shortly after at 9:00 a.m.

  • 03. What is Broomball?

    Broomball is a sport that is played very similarly to hockey, with the exception that the goalie is on their knees and the goal is actually a box. Players have to move across the ice in their street shoes and use their duct tape covered broomsticks to hit a small ball into the goal. Only six players, per team, are allowed on the ice.