Industry Days at CareerFEST: A Recruiters Perspective


CareerFEST is a lot of fun, is informal, and includes many interactive events connecting students with companies. You can learn about what it looks like to work in numerous and diverse industries, companies, and job positions. Talk to company reps, many who are Michigan Tech alums, about how their career paths – how they went from being a student to the professionals they are today. They’ll also help you prepare for your job search, including the Career Fair. Company reps, many who are Michigan Tech Alumni, travel back to campus just to meet you. They tell us all the time: “We can't hire you unless we know you.” So, extend your smile, handshake, thanks, and introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Fall 2016 CareerFEST events include:

  • Career Blitz
  • Husky Talks
  • Resume Blitz
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Fair Cookout

For CareerFEST event descriptions and schedules, go to your Events page on HuskyJOBS. We’ll also email you what’s coming up every week, or you can sync the Career Services Student Events calendar to yours, so you don’t miss a thing!