On-Campus Interview Sign-Up

HuskyJOBS allows you to view the on-campus recruiting schedule, sign up for open interview times, request to be considered for closed interviews, view your resume referral history, and see your past recruiting activity.

Getting Started

  1. Log into your HuskyJOBS account.
  2. Click on the Jobs tab at the top of the screen. From this area you can search for jobs and internships using a variety of criteria. You can also do this same step from the Employers section if you wish to search for a specific employer.
  3. When the search results are returned, there will be a Type column containing a series of single-character flags. These flags are explained in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.

Scheduling an Interview

Positions are categorized as preselect or open. To interview for a preselect position, you must first apply for the position via HuskyJOBS and receive an interview request from the employer. Note: You will need to provide your resume at the time you sign up for an interview.

Preselect Interview Schedules

A job flagged with a “P” indicates that the employer is currently accepting resumes for the position; the employer will invite select candidates to interview. If you apply for a position with this flag, be sure to check back often in the Interviews tab under Interview Requests to reserve an interview slot in the event.

Open Interview Schedules

A job flagged with an "O" allows candidates to sign up for interview slots immediately:

  1. Click on the company's name.
  2. Select an interview slot from the available times listed on the right-hand side of the page. (Note that the interview date is specified just above the list.) Ensure your preferred resume is selected.
  3. Click Submit.

After scheduling an interview, you will receive a confirmation email, as well as a reminder email a few days prior to the interview date.

Checking Interview Statuses

Once you have applied for a position or interview slot, you can check its status in the Interviews tab:

  • Click on Scheduled Interviews to view all companies with “Open On-Campus Recruiting” interviews that you have signed up for;


  • Click on Interview Requests.

Managing Your Schedule

HuskyJOBS offers students useful scheduling tools. The events tool lists all of the upcoming events for which you are registered, as well as other dates that are relevant to these events. Click on the event name for detailed information. The calendar allows you to search for all upcoming events with Career Services, including on-campus interviews, workshops, and job fairs.