Recruiting Guide

Recruiting Guide

All current Michigan Tech students and alumni have access to Career Services and the full range of services we offer.  

To help navigate the various options you have available to you, we have collected these items into a single location to help you organize your recruiting strategy.

Career Fairs

The Career Fair takes place twice a year (in the fall and spring).  The Career Fair brings students and employers together to discuss internship, co-op, and full-time positions in a variety of industries. More details about about dates and companies attending can be found on our Career Fair web page.

Interviews and Informational Sessions

Connect with our students and alumni who are seeking employment.  Schedule interviews and information sessions through HuskyJOBS. Learn more or schedule your interview and information sessions today!

Post Open Positions Online

Employers may post current employment vacancies, including co-op, full-time, and seasonal positions, to HuskyJOBS.  This system provides access to post-positions, review resumes, and schedule your on-campus interviews and informational sessions..

Note: HuskyJOBS accounts require manual approval to verify the company is an actual employer and not a recruiting company.

Co-op and Summer Internship Employment

Michigan Tech has co-op and summer internship programs. Companies of all sizes have found that providing an experiential learning opportunity for students provides value for all involved.  

As an employer, you get a chance to provide some training and mentoring to a young employee that directly increases the chances of them wanting to work for you after they graduate.  

Resume Review

Michigan Tech students and alumni upload resumes and other job information to HuskyJOBS.  Employers with qualified HuskyJOBS accounts or open job postings in HuskyJOBS for co-op, internship, or permanent employment opportunities can review these resumes electronically.

On-Campus Recruiting

Each year, Michigan Tech attracts employers from around the country to conduct on-campus interviews with students for full-time, summer, and co-op positions within their organizations.  We would like you to enjoy the personal service we give our corporate guests who interview on campus.

Parking: On and Off Campus

If you drive to campus, be sure to get a parking permit from Career Services. Parking on campus is at a premium and we can help you locate a place to park. Overnight parking on campus and the streets of Houghton and Hancock during the winter months is prohibited and strictly enforced from 2 to 7 a.m. If you need to park on campus overnight, please let us know.

Lunch/On-Campus Dining

Michigan Tech Dining Services offers multiple dining areas across campus for you to grab a quick snack, pick up a cup of hot coffee, or enjoy a full meal. Finding your favorite food on campus is easy, as we have a variety of brands and locations that everyone can enjoy! Coffee is also available throughout the day in the Career Services recruiter lounge.

Enrollment Statistics

Considering recruiting at Michigan Tech? Want to know more about our students? 

  • Explore our enrollment statistics to see anticipated graduates in our various majors and fields of expertise.
  • A complete Fact Book about the University is available from our Institutional Analysis office