Interviews and Informational Sessions

Career Services at Michigan Tech has pulled together a list of resources to aid employers in setting up interviews and information sessions on campus. You can meet with our students face-to-face in our interview rooms located within Career Services.  In cases where that is not possible, we can facilitate telephone interviews or on-line video interviews.

Scheduling Interviews

Employers may schedule interview dates in advance by contacting Career Services or requesting schedules through HuskyJOBS, our online professional networking system. Employers may also schedule information sessions in connection with interviews, in order to provide students with additional information about job openings and your company in general. Interview dates and employers' recruiting criteria are publicized to students in HuskyJOBS using either the "Closed" or "Qualified Open" method described below:

Closed Schedules (Preselect)

  1. Students send their resumes to select employers.
  2. Employers access these resumes online, prescreen students for interviews, and enter their selections online. You may select anywhere from one student to the total number of openings on your schedule (a full-day schedule is 13 half-hour slots), plus you may select additional students as alternates.
  3. Before the employer deadline—Log in to HuskyJOBS to view the students who pre-selected your company. Designate students as Invited, Alternate, or Not Invited by the deadline.
  4. The invitees are allowed to sign up for an interview slot. If your schedule does not fill with invitees, the alternates you selected will be allowed to sign up. Qualified candidates can fill any openings remaining on your schedule if you choose.

Qualified Open

Students meeting your exact qualifications may sign up for an interview time online on a first come, first served basis.

Scheduling Informational Meetings

Informational meetings are an excellent way to cover basic information about your company the night before your interview schedule.  Coordinating your schedule through Career Services ensures that your schedule will be communicated automatically using our electronic systems around campus.

If you wish to hold an informational meeting while you are on campus, please use HuskyJOBS to request an event using these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your HuskyJOBS account
  2. Click on the "Events" tab
  3. Select the "Add New" button
  4. Complete the required information and select "Submit"
  5. When your request is processed, you will receive confirmation of your room assignment.  Included with the confirmation will be instructions for requesting catering or other additional services.

If you supply a PDF file with details about your event, it will be posted to the Company Event Information page.  For additional event promotion, Career Services can help coordinate through Student Media outlets.

Parking: On and Off Campus

If you drive to campus, be sure to get a parking permit from Career Services. Parking on campus is at a premium and we can help you locate a place to park. Overnight parking on campus and the streets of Houghton and Hancock during the winter months is prohibited and strictly enforced from 2 to 7 a.m. If you need to park on campus overnight, please let us know.

Lunch/On-Campus Dining

Michigan Tech Dining Services offers multiple dining areas across campus for you to grab a quick snack, pick up a cup of hot coffee, or enjoy a full meal. Finding your favorite food on campus is easy, as we have a variety of brands and locations that everyone can enjoy! Coffee is also available throughout the day in the Career Services recruiter lounge.

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