Employer Branding

The competition to get top talent for your business has gotten fierce!  If your company has an comprehensive recruiting strategy or is just getting started on campus, the Career Services team will work with you to develop a combination branding strategy to get your company recognized.  Because Career Services interfaces with students on a daily basis and interacts with faculty, we are uniquely placed to help identify the right target group of students to maximize your investment on campus.

Partner Program

The Partner Program is an excellent "first step" in getting noticed on campus.  This program has different commitment levels designed to provide a variety of ways to communicate and interact with students.

Campus eDisplay System

Students continue to tell us that they want to know "what it looks like" to work at a specific company.  Positioned in prime, high-traffic locations on campus, these 3 55" HD monitors are designed to display information about your company.  More than "just a logo," these displays let you show students what it's like to work at your company!  We suggest images showing pictures of real people working at your company, your offices, your plant locations, and your products.  You can design the advertisement to reinforce your company image, show corporate culture, and illustrate challenges a future employee might help resolve.

Interview Room Sponsorship

Maintain your corporate identity by having a consistent place to interact with students even when you're not on-campus.  Our Interview Room sponsorship provides a tactical advantage for your company by having a consistent place to meet with students and a permanent "address" with your company brand right in the Career Services offices.

Student Organizations

If your company wants to get involved with student organizations, Career Services can identify which groups are the "best fit" for your corporate strategy and put you in contact with the leaders of these organizations.

  • With over 250 registered student organizations on campus, there is a student organization that is aligned with your corporate goals.
  • HuskyLEAD is an on-campus leadership development series.  Speaking at one of these events gives you a chance to share your life experiences with students.
  • LeaderShape is part of the national LeaderShape program.  These elite student leaders are hand-selected to attend this event.  Sponsoring a keynote address at LeaderShape provides you a chance to interact with some of the highest potential students in an intimate setting.

Experiential Learning

Interacting with students in the classroom is an excellent way to strengthen your on-campus recruiting strategy and build brand awareness.

  • Co-ops and Interships allow students to work within your company.  Not only do they gain valuable experience, but they also get to better understand your corporate culture.  Additionally, these students can help carry your brand name throughout campus if you involve them as part of your on-campus activities.
  • Senior Design projects are projects that students complete in one academic year.  These projects provide teams of ~4-5 engineering seniors a chance to work directly with your company on a design problem that has value to your company.  'It's not their last class -- it's their first job"  As part of their presentations, students share your corporate name and help enhance your brand reputation.
  • Enterprise Teams represent permanent organizations of students that operate much like companies in the private sector.  The curriculum aims to develop students’ technical, business, and interpersonal skills. Similar to Senior Design, teams develop solutions to real-world challenges posed by industry sponsors. However the unique multiyear, multidisciplinary program structure provides flexibility in project scope, duration, and team size.

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Broader Partnerships For Your Company: Outreach, Research, Licensing, Learning

Michigan Technological University fosters an environment of industry collaboration and partnership by providing innovative solutions for talent, research, technology, and professional development.

The Office of Corporate Partnerships helps connect the strategic interests of your organization to the appropriate campus programs and constituents, including research, facilities, continuing education, student and alumni talent, and strategic giving opportunities.

Scholarships and Outreach Programs

As part of our efforts to recruit the students of tomorrow that may be your future employees, Michigan Tech has developed a variety of outreach programs that can be brought to your local area schools system.

Reach out to students to help them defray the costs of tuition.  This form of corporate giving will help a student get a degree that might help your company in the future.  Scholarships can be developed specifically to meet your giving objectives.