Recruiting Guide

Michigan Tech students are unique.  So is your business. We strive to connect you to as many of our talented students as possible, making your recruiting efforts easy and successful.  

Our goal is to help you establish your company brand in the minds and hearts of our students, allowing you to maximize your recruiting results by helping our students and alumni understand where they fit in your culture and understand the value they can add to your organization.

Our recruiting services include:

  • Free Job Postings: Using our HuskyJOBS service, your employment opportunities are distributed throughout campus in an easy-to-use system.
  • Career Fairs: Held in the Fall and Spring semester, Career Fairs bring employers and students together to discuss internship, co-op, and full-time employment.
  • Resume Search: You can identify potential candidates by reviewing resumes using HuskyJOBS.
  • Industry Focused Events: These campus-wide events spotlight specific industries and provide an opportunity to build your brand on campus and help educate students about careers in your industry.
  • On-Campus Recruiting: Career Services provides you with interview rooms and help you coordinate your interview schedule.
  • Informational Sessions: Share information about your company and network with students with these informal events. We’ll schedule a room, help with your hospitality needs, and promote to the entire campus on our Student Event Calendar.

 Additional Services:

  • Career Services Partner Program: Our partner companies receive campus-wide branding promotion throughout the year, advanced notice of our events, and “inside information” on Career Services activities.
  • Sponsorship: There are a broad variety of events throughout the year that provide opportunities to network with and educate our students as well as brand your company throughout our campus.
  • Telephone and Internet Connections: Can help you connect with students for phone and virtual interviews, and e-based evaluations.