Work-Study Program

Work-Study Program

Campus Employers

If you have been awarded a work-study student employment position from the Financial Aid Office, you must advertise and post your position(s) through HuskyJOBS, our online job management software system. You will be able to collect and review resumes, schedule interviews (optional), and hire the candidates you see as a good fit. Review the work-study program department guidelines for additional information.

If you would like your department to be considered for a work-study position, please contact the Financial Aid Office.



Important Dates
May - June, 2015 Departments - Positions are posted to HuskyJOBS and are available for department review/modification
July 8, 2015 Students - Application for Work-Study positions is OPEN
August 5, 2015 Students - Application for Work-Study positions is CLOSED
August 26, 2015 Students - Process your fall bill by this date
August 28, 2015 Departments - Final lists will be sent to your department of students still eligible for work-study who have processed their fall bill
August 28 (After 12 p.m.) or
August 31 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), 2015
Students - Pick up your Work-Study Approval Form from the Financial Aid Office
August 31, 2015 Students - Report to your department to work and/or create your work schedule
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