HuskyJOBS is Michigan Tech’s one-stop shop for jobs! It is the online software used at Michigan Tech for job postings (local and national), on-campus interviewing, and employer research. Employers and job seekers can network through this online service.

Employer Login


Use HuskyJOBS to post open positions, search for qualified candidates, and arrange for on-campus interviews and information sessions.

Benefits: With HuskyJOBS, you can . . .

  • Gain easier access to On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)
  • Post a position
  • Request an interview schedule
  • Arrange an information session
  • Evaluate co-op/intern students online
  • Take advantage of enhanced candidate searching
  • Search our students’ resumes online

Employer Registration

Employers, if you have never used HuskyJOBS before, you will need to register. You have the following registration options:

  • Register—This will get you registered with HuskyJOBS and Michigan Tech. There is no cost to register with Michigan Tech.
  • Register and Post Job at Michigan Tech only —This will get you registered with Michigan Tech and will automatically start you on the path to posting a job. There is no fee to register with us and post a job exclusively to Michigan Tech.
  • Register and Post Jobs at Multiple Schools—This will allow you to post one job and advertise it at many schools. Multiple School postings are convenient, though there is a fee to register for this option. View the NACElink fees.

Once you have registered, you can log in using our form above with your user name and password.

Twitter Guidelines

When you post your position in HuskyJOBS, you have the ability to Tweet information about your posting through the Career Services Twitter Feed @mtucareersvcs.  Because of the size restrictions of Twitter posts, you will find there is a unique style for conveying information.

Here are some style guidelines:

  • Reference your company's Twitter feed (@MyCompanyJobs).  If your company does not have a Twitter feed, use a hashtag instead (#MyCompany)
  • Use a hashtag for the type of job (e.g. #Engineer #IT #Science)
  • Mention the job type using hashtag (e.g. #Fulltime #Intern #Coop)
  • If possible mention the job location using City/State  (e.g. #City #State)
  • Many twitter posts include #Jobs hashtag
  • Use a URL shortener to direct people to a specific website

For examples of well written tweets, check out the @mtucareersvcs twitter feed!

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

HuskyJOBS allows employers to more easily recruit on campus. Schedule interviews and information sessions, invite students to attend, and expand your reach.

Scheduling Interviews

Once you have registered for a HuskyJOBS account, you can request interview schedules. Below are descriptions of the different types you may choose from.

None—Room Reservation Only

Use this model if you want a room on campus and you will be building your own schedule. (For example, you might build your own schedule following the Career Fair.)


With this model, when students apply for your positions, you can select (invite) them to interview. The applicants must meet your criteria in order to apply.

Preselect to Alternate

With this model, when students apply for your positions, you can select (invite) them to interview. After your first-choice applicants (invited) sign up for an interview slot, your second-choice applicants (alternates) will be able to sign up. All applicants must meet your criteria in order to apply.


Open schedules allow all students who meet your selection criteria to apply for your position and sign up for an interview slot.

Preselect to Open

If you aren't receiving enough applicants, you may choose to open up your schedule to more students after a predefined time.

Preselect to Alternate to Open

Use this model if you request a schedule at least one month before your campus visit.

Scheduling Information Sessions

You can schedule information sessions on Michigan Tech's campus through HuskyJOBS as well.

  1. Once logged into HuskyJOBS, click on Events and then click the "Add New" button.
  2. Choose "Information Session" from the list of Information Session Types.
  3. Fill out the required fields on the form.
  4. Submit the form.
  5. Our office will review your request, and you'll receive notification of approval.