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Michigan Technological University has a busy campus with many different ways to interact with students.  Perhaps you are on-campus for some other meetings and want a quick way to meet some students. Career Services has assembled this convenient listing to help you optimize your time.

Note: Some of these events require registration or have limited availability.  Call Career Services to register to ensure your participation.

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"Drop-In" Schedule

There are many places that you can simply drop-in to meet students or assist them in some way.
DiversityCenter for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) has a lounge area and many students studying or relaxing.  You can drop in any time to meet students.
TutoringLearning Centers are throughout campus to help students get better grades.  Learning Centers can use volunteers to help students -- but you'll want to check with the specific center to see the best way to assist them.
LibraryThe library has many resources for group study or even to have a cup of coffee.
TutoringFirst-Year Engineering Learning Center provides services to students enrolled in first-year engineering courses.
Outdoor AdventureOutdoor Adventure Program has many different informal drop-in activities at their house

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