Michigan Tech annually enrolls approximately 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students from across the nation and around the world. Tech has a small-town feel, just like the Copper Country, the community in which the University is situated. Many students comment that the size of campus is just right—not so big that it's easy to get lost, but not too small, either. Students also say they feel at home at Michigan Tech, and some even go so far as to say they feel like they are part of a family.

One contributing factor to our welcoming atmosphere is the average student-to-faculty ratio: 13 to 1.

We're "Tight"

Although the University community is close-knit, its cultural representation is anything but narrow: in fact, students have represented countries from across the globe, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Campus Life

Michigan Tech isn’t on the way to anywhere—and Huskies wouldn't have it any other way. When students aren’t in class or conducting research, they participate in more than 220 student organizations, music and fine arts, and cultural events including the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's largest multicultural festival, the Parade of Nations. Whether it's the All-Nighter frenzy to complete a Winter Carnival snow statue, or chasing the Northern Lights right outside your dorm, there’s a lot to do at Michigan Tech.

Our 14 varsity athletic teams includes our NCAA Division I men's ice hockey, NCAA Division II men's and women's sports, and intramurals (fact: one-third of Michigan Tech students play in broomball leagues). Go Huskies!

Human Ice Bowling? You have to see it—or do it—to believe it.

Experience Tech’s indoor and outdoor adventures on our very own ski, snowboard, and tubing hill, golf course, hiking and biking trails, recreational forest, and waterways.  

Design, duct-tape, and race a cardboard boat on the Keweenaw Waterway.

Housing and Residence Life offers 2,410 beds in four halls, each with its own personality, 348 apartments, six live-in master's level professionals, more than 70 resident assistants, and an intentional strategy to help Huskies grow and succeed, including theme communities. We're not a suitcase school—students stay here on the weekend.

Greek Life is about friendships, and service to campus and community. More than 20 fraternities and sororities are scholars and leaders on campus.

Bound together by snow and STEM.

There is nothing easy about Michigan Tech—the classes nor climate. Not to worry. Faculty, staff, and peers track student success and offer programs and resources that put Huskies ahead of the pack.

Residential Community

Each of the University's three residence halls has a different culture. Residence hall groups participate in intramural athletics, hold their own social events and study groups, and get involved in campus-wide events, such as Homecoming and Winter Carnival.

Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH), our smallest residence hall, has about 350 student spaces available in the three-story structure. This historic building was constructed in the late 1930s and characterizes that time period, with its beautiful architectural details.

McNair Hall has a great view of the Keweenaw Waterway. The McNair complex consists of three buildings. West McNair has two stories, while East McNair has five stories. These two living units are connected by the dining services building. There are about 650 spaces available for assignment in McNair Hall.

Wadsworth Hall (Wads) has been recently renovated and is the largest hall—one-quarter mile long and five stories high, with approximately 1,050 spaces available for assignment. Each floor is divided into "houses," which give you a small community atmosphere.

Apartments are available for rent to married graduate and undergraduate students, single parents and to students who have senior status or are twenty-one years of age. Student Group Apartment Housing is also available to all unmarried students living in groups that have earned more than 30 credits.