General Questions


Are there more than two calendars—University Calendar and Academic Calendar?

Yes, there are a lot more! Those are only the default calendars. You can select your calendars by clicking on Select Calendars at the top of the page or under My Calendars to the left.

If you are logged in, the system will save your selected calendars and will allow you to view them from any computer. If you are not logged in, the system will attempt to save your selected calendars in a cookie. You will only be able to view your saved calendars from this machine. You may lose your saved calendars if the cookie is removed.


Can I subscribe to a calendar with my Michigan Tech Google Calendar?

Yes, calendars are exported in two formats. An iCalendar format is available for most calendars if you would like to add them to your Michigan Tech Google Calendar, or other supported software. RSS Feeds are also available for all calendars. RSS feeds contain all events for the selected calendar for the current month.


Can I print some portion of the month or is it all or nothing?

The system only supports print options for the view you're currently viewing. To print events for a single day, use Day view. List and Month print views are the same. If you wish to print a portion of a month it will be necessary to copy the text to a text editor or, if available, use the Print Selected option in your web browser.

Adding an Event Questions


Do I have to use the Add an Event form to submit events?

No. Actually, we encourage you to use your own Michigan Tech Google Calendar to submit an event because it gives you an easy editing option. Events submitted using the Add an Event online form can only be updated by a calendar administrator.

Using your Michigan Tech Google Calendar, you can submit an event to the University Calendar simply by inviting as an attendee (the same way you invite a person to a meeting). If you need to update your event, you can do it on your own calendar.

Fill out all appropriate fields. Your Michigan Tech Google Calendar does not provide a field for a URL, so we suggest adding the link as the very first thing in the description field as follows.
This is the description of my event


How soon should I submit an event?

As soon as you have the final information on the event. There is no harm in having an event posted several weeks/months in advance. In fact, the longer an event is on the calendar, the more likely it is for people to notice it and potentially avoid scheduling conflicts.


How long is the approval process?

An administrator will review the submission within 24 hours. Please allow 48 hours over weekends or holidays.


Is my name or username associated with the event submission?

Your name and username will not be displayed with the event. This information is only used for our records of who submitted the event and also gives us a way to contact you if we find an error in the submission.


What is the URL used for?

It provides your reader with more information about your department, organization, and/or your event. You may not be able to fit all the details you'd like on the calendar form and an associated URL gives you an opportunity to tell more.


Will I receive an email confirmation when my event is approved?

Yes, you should receive an email when an event is approved. Please note that it may take up to four hours for the calendar to update after your event is approved and for it to appear.

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