Student Profiles

Donald Murray

"Being able to manage a portfolio when I'm a senior is one of those opportunities you don't get to experience at every other school."


Laurilee Kroll

"I'm a part of the applied portfolio management program, and we get to invest 1.3 million dollars of real money as undergrads, into the stock market. We have complete control of it, every day-to-day decision is made by us."


Li Juan Xie

"It's beautiful here . . . it's safe, Michigan Tech is very safe."


Mairi Smith-Risk

"One of the things I really liked about Michigan Tech [during the] tour was [that] they talked about the faculty to student ratio and how it's pretty small so that the classrooms aren't very big and the teachers tend to know the students by name."


SherAaron Hurt

"I am a part of Blue Key and we put [Winter Carnival] on. It's all student led, of course we have the support of the administration, and the support of various faculty and staff . . . they are definitely allowing us to create our future because we are in charge of everything."