School of Business and Economics

Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Student standing next to his "RFID Technology in Rail" poster at the Design Expo

Strengthen Your Vision

Identifying business opportunities may be easy, but taking an entrepreneurial idea a step further requires specialized knowledge and skills. Develop insights into what it takes to start a sustainable new business through these entrepreneurship courses.

Sample Course Syllabi

Find a Place to Develop Your Ideas

Applying the fundamentals you’ve learned to a commercially viable product or service can be difficult. Successful technologies don’t always translate to successful businesses. Learn how to take new technologies to market in these business development courses:

Sample Course Syllabi

Then Gain Experience in Real Time

The design of these courses integrates campus entities into a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem so students can learn through experience the business potential of real-world, technology-based projects and how to bring them to market. Projects are offered through these entities:

With two successive semesters in which to work, students have optimum time to explore and apply all aspects of entrepreneurship while developing a business around their projects.