Latha Poonamallee

Latha Poonamallee


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Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, School of Business and Economics

  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University
  • MBA in Human Resources, Pondicherry University
  • BA in English Literature, University of Madras


Originally from India, more recently from Cleveland, Ohio, my idea of scholarship is multi-dimensional, and includes research, teaching and community engagement. I am especially interested in learning about and promoting organizing models that are sustainable; ecological, social, and economic. As a teacher, my objective is to facilitate students learning to understand social issues of management systemically and equip them with the necessary critical and leadership skills to address these challenges as business and community leaders. My learning philosophy is ‘Freireian’ in that I believe in the power of education to liberate the minds of people. I believe in education that would simultaneously fulfill the functions of preparing individuals for meaningful employment and progressive and cosmopolitan citizenship, that education must conjoin theory and practice, utility and free thinking. I am also involved in many community related projects and other consulting projects around the world. I am active in the Academy of Management.

Teaching Interests

  • Managing Change
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Research Interests

  • Managing Change
  • Leadership
  • Business & Society
  • Qualitative methods

Recent Publications

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