Karol Pelc

Karol Pelc


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Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Emeritus,

School of Business and Economics

  • PhD in Economics/Management
  • PhD in Electronics


Before joining the Michigan Tech faculty in 1985, K. Pelc worked for electric power industry for about 15 years as an engineer, project leader and R&D manager in the field of measuring and data processing systems. Later he joined the faculty of Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, and lectured on production and R&D management. He has served as international consultant in that domain. He was a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and at the Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey. He also conducted research on technology innovation in Japanese industry and was a visiting scholar at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities, Hikone, Japan. Dr. Pelc presented invited lectures on management of technology at several universities in the U. S., Europe, Japan and China. After retirement from Michigan Tech in 2005, Pelc continues to be active in teaching, research, and consulting. In 2006, he was appointed Fulbright Professor of technology management at the University of Maribor, Slovenia.  In 2015, Karol Pelc served as a Fulbright Visiting Professor of innovation management and international business at the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria.  He is married to Ryszarda Lida Pelc, writer and poet. They have one son living with his family in France.

Research Focus

Karol Pelc began teaching at Michigan Tech over 20 years ago. During his time at Tech, he co-founded and directed the Center for Technological Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (CenTILE) and he initiated the founding of the Entrepreneurs Club at Michigan Tech.

As a professor emeritus, Dr. Pelc continues to advance technological innovation across the globe. Dr. Pelc is currently active in editorial work as a guest editor for International Journal of Knowledge Management and he has continued teaching graduate courses at Michigan Tech during the summer months. In spring 2010, Dr. Pelc served as a visiting scholar at Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, Japan, where he conducted research on manufacturing management practices and lectured on "Japanese Innovation Management".

Teaching Interests

  • Management of technology and innovation
  • Global innovation networks
  • Product development management
  • Economics of technological innovation

Research Interests

  • Knowledge generating networks
  • Technology strategy
  • R&D management
  • Global technology and innovation management
  • Methods of interdisciplinary knowledge mapping

Recent Publications

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