Gregory A. Graman

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management,

School of Business and Economics

  • PhD in Operations Management, University of Cincinnati
  • MS in Quantitative Analysis, University of Cincinnati
  • MBA, Operations Management, University of Cincinnati
  • BS in Metallurgical Engineering, University of Cincinnati


Dr. Gregory A. Graman has a Ph.D. in Operations Management, a Master of Science in Quantitative Analysis, an MBA in Operations Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical (Material Science) Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Before entering academics, he worked for several years in the primary metals industry holding positions of responsibility in process engineering, supervision, quality management, and systems analysis. Dr. Graman is a member of APICS, holds CPIM certification, and is active in several professional organizations. His area of expertise is operations and supply chain management, including the topics of value recovery in closed-loop supply chains, delayed product differentiation and postponement.

Research Focus

In collaboration with the Sustainable Futures Institute at Michigan Tech, Dr. Graman serves on a team of researchers dedicated to establishing a supply chain solution for a new ethanol plant being built in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In order to boost Michigan's economy, the new company, Frontier Renewable Resources, has arranged for representatives from Michigan Tech and Michigan State to provide consultation on critical issues.

The biggest challenge is the delivery of biomass (logs and wood chips) to the new plant for ethanol production. Transportation costs exceed the value of the logs by more than half, thus creating the need for a sustainable supply-chain system. Dr. Graman and the other researchers will determine how to develop, define, and demonstrate how the supply chain will function to yield an economical product.

Teaching Interests

  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Statistics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Project Management

Research Interests

  • Value recovery in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
  • Infrastructure and the Built Environment
  • Outsourcing
  • Product Postponement

Recent Publications

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