Andre Laplume

Andre Laplume



Assistant Professor of Management, School of Business and Economics

  • BS in Computer Science, University of Manitoba
  • MBA in General Management, University of Manitoba
  • PhD in Strategic Management, University of Manitoba


Dr. Laplume is interested in how entrepreneurs and organizations gain competitive advantage, the process and outcomes of innovation and technological change, as well as stakeholder management and environmental sustainability. His dissertation research examined how organizations balance exploration and exploitation over time in varying environments to achieve competitive advantage through innovation. Prior to joining Michigan Tech, he worked as a business and information technology consultant for several years, helping client to plan, build, select, buy, and implement enterprise systems.

Research Focus

Dr. Laplume's uses quantitative, qualitative, and simulation methods in his research. As an example of his qualitative research, he recently studied an organization that operated in a highly competitive industry, looking to identify the underlying factors that enabled them to be innovative successfully. He spent three months on site, attending high-level meetings, interviewing managers and analyzing company data. The project helped Laplume and his co-investigators develop new theory about how firms balance exploration and exploitation without falling into failure traps. 

Teaching Interests

  • Strategic Management
  • Management of Technology and Innovation

Research Interests

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Ambidexterity
  • Technological Evolution
  • Stakeholder Theory

Selected Publications

  • Laplume, A.O., Dass, P. (2014). "Outstreaming for ambidexterity: Evolving a firm's core business from components to systems by serving internal and external customers", forthcoming in Long Range Planning.
  • Walker, K., Laplume, A.O. (2014). "Sustainability fellowships: The potential for collective stakeholder influence" forthcoming in European Business Review.
  • Srivastava, M.K., Laplume, A.O. (2013). "Matching technology strategy with knowledge structure: Implications for firm Performance" Academy of Management and Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Pathak, S., Laplume, A.O., Castro Oliveira, E. (2013). "A multi-level empirical study of ethnic diversity and shadow economy as moderators of opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial entry in transition economies" Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 15(3): 240-259.
  • Pathak, S., Castro Oliveira, E., Laplume, A.O. (2013). "Influence of intellectual property, foreign investment, and technological adoption on technology entrepreneurship" Journal of Business Research, 66(10): 2090-2101.
  • Pathak, S., Laplume, A.O., Castro Oliveira, E. (2012). "Inward foreign direct investment: Does it enable or constrain domestic technology entrepreneurship" Columbia FDI Perspectives, 84(Dec. 3).
  • Laplume, A.O., Dass, P. (2009). "Adaptive ambidexterity: Simulating Burgelman and Grove’s (2007) model of strategic dynamics" Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Laplume, A.O., Sonpar, K., Litz, R.A. (2008). "Stakeholder theory: A longitudinal review of a theory that moves us." Journal of Management, 32(6): 1152-1189.