Tech MBA Course Descriptions

Strategic IS Management – BA5200Focuses on management of IS/IT within the business environment. Topics include IT infrastructure and architecture, organizational impact of innovation, change management, and human-machine interaction.
Financial Reporting and Control – BA5300This class covers the collection, reporting and analysis of financial information with emphasis on the use of that information to support decision making.
Financial Risk Management and
Decision Making – BA5400
Explores the theory and practice of finance and capital markets. Topics include role of the financial manager and goals of the firm, financial mathematics, valuation of assets, cost of capital, project evaluation, capital structure, forecasting, financing vehicles, special topics in finance.
Business Process Management – BA5610Application and case studies focusing on contemporary issues in operations and quality management to include lean manufacturing practices, ERP, quality and environmental management systems/standards, Six Sigma, statistical process control, and other current topics.
Managing Behavior in
Organizations – BA5700
Discusses managing effectively within the environmental context of the organization. Topics include corporate culture, managing in a global environment, planning and strategy, organizational structure, human resources management, managing change, leadership, motivation, communication, conflict management, and teamwork.
Business and Corporate Strategy – BA5710Introduces students to a repertoire of strategies that have been found useful in the creation of competitive advantage: cost leadership, business model differentiation, vertical integration, diversification, globalization, mergers and acquisitions, tacit collusion, alliance, and flexibility-agility-adaptability strategies.
Launching Entrepreneurial
Ventures* - BA5720
Focuses on the development of new technology-based ideas. Topics include creativity, screening technological opportunities, analyzing markets, testing business concepts, protecting intellectual property, strategy development, entrepreneurial team selection, securing financing, and developing a business plan.
Managing Technology and
Innovation* - BA5740
An evolutionary strategic perspective is taken viewing how technology strategy evolves from underlying technological competencies, patterns of innovation, sources of external technological knowledge and modes of transfer.
Managing Change* - BA5770This course focuses on theory, research and practice of both ‘planned’ and ‘unplanned’ change. The course considers the dynamics of change in complex organizations, variables which facilitate or impede change, and how to lead change and motivate others to change.
Managing in the Global
Environment – BA5780
This course looks at the impact of international political, economic, technological, and social environmental forces, currency risks, cross-cultural management issues, strategic challenges for multinational companies, and international joint ventures and alliances.
Marketing, Technology and
Globalization – BA5800
This course facilitates students’ improvement of analytical skills, information processing techniques, and cultural competence in the globalized marketing environment. Focuses are placed on strategic marketing management, high-tech product marketing, global consumer behavior, branding, and online marketing.
Managerial Economics – EC5300Economic analysis of the operation of a business. Topics include optimization, demand theory and forecasting, production/cost analysis, market structure and strategic behavior, risk analysis, antitrust policy and regulation of safety and the environment, and international management.

*Innovation and Technology Management concentration course