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Find Global Opportunities

"It's a neat experience. A lot of diversity in the group on a professional level. And the international component is significant. In today's business world you have to think globally. It is a tremendous opportunity we have and it is certainly value added."


Manager Positioned for Success

"The Tech MBA Online is an advantageous opportunity for me personally. I am earning the skill set I need to move my company forward."

Husband and Wife Team Earn MBA

"We were at the point in our careers where we needed to develop more, bring new interests and experiences to our lives. The Tech MBA Online was a perfect fit. It gave us personal flexibility while we developed professionally."


Balancing Travel with the MBA

 "I wanted to find a program that was structured and an online MBA program that had a plan. It works for my planning and I know I will be completed in 2 years. For 2 years I am focused on my MBA."