Financial Assistance Opportunities

Graduate business school is an investment in your career and your future, and you want to know that your investment is a solid one. Michigan Tech was recently named by Bloomberg Businessweek as a university that “packs an ROI punch.” Quite simply, our graduates get jobs, advance their careers, and find success.

Students in our online Tech MBA program receive the same quality education as those in the on-campus program, but with the convenience of distance learning. The cost is tuition based and a $38/credit hour Online Learning Course fee: FAQ #8. Learn more about the cost to attend Michigan Tech.

If you need assistance in financing your degree, there are a variety of aid opportunities that you can explore.

  • You may be eligible for a new set of federal loans, up to $20,500 per academic year, as an independent student. For more information, contact Linda Fontaine in the financial aid office at 906-487-2622.
  • National Service Graduate Fellowships (equal to approximately one-third of graduate tuition) are available to students who have provided service to the US through the military, AmeriCorps, or the Peace Corps.
  • Refer a friend or coworker to the online Tech MBA program and you’ll receive a $250 tuition referral bonus (payable upon his or her enrollment into the program).
  • You may qualify for a tax credit and/or business deduction for work-related education. We recommend that you seek advice from a tax professional or see IRS Publication 970 (if you are currently working, see pages 77-84—Business Deduction for Work Related Education, "maintain or improve job skills").
  • Consider contributing to a 529 college savings plan. In Michigan’s College Savings Plan, contributions are tax deductible up to specified limits. Withdrawals are federal and state income-tax-free when used for qualified expenses. If you are currently employed, your company may consider contributing to the 529 on your behalf.
  • Financial assistance information is also available on the official GMAT website.
  • Explore additional Graduate School financial aid options, including veteran's benefits and alternative loans.

Scholarships and Opportunities

National Service Graduate Fellowship

The Michigan Tech Graduate School offers National Service Graduate Fellowships to students who have previously provided service to the United States of America; including military personnel, AmeriCorps volunteers, and Peace Corps volunteers. Eligible recipients receive a fellowship of $2,000 off the total cost of the program. 

Eligibility requirements can be found on the Graduate School website