School of Business and Economics

Student Resources and Policies

Prerequisites and Recommended Courses

In order to prepare you to begin your MBA with Michigan Tech we require successful completion (with a grade of C or better) in Principles of Economics and Statistics.  We also recommend the following courses to prepare students:  Accounting, Finance and Economic Decision Analysis.

Contact the MBA Admissions staff at or 906-487-3055 for more information and to set a meeting to discuss your transcripts for qualification prior to the application process.

Tech MBA® Program Student Handbook and Orientation

Each Fall an orientation session is held for new MBA students to Michigan Tech.  Check your MTU email account for orientation details during the month of August.

At this time a handbook is provided is provided to all students which contains contact information, resources, policies, and tips for successful completion of an MBA.

Graduate Transfer Credits

The Tech MBA® Program accepts a maximum of six (6) graduate credits taken prior to the semester that you are formally admitted and enrolled. This includes transfer credits from other institutions and graduate courses taken at Michigan Tech. Courses must meet School of Business and Economics criteria to be considered for transfer credit. Additionally, any courses that are transferred must be from a business program that is AACSB accredited.  Please discuss any requested credits with MBA Program staff prior to registering for courses.

Complete and submit this form for approval of requested transfer credits.

Communication Coaching

Dr. Rebecca Middlebrook, Communication Coach, is available to assist students in graduate-level courses offered through the School of Business and Economics with written, visual, and verbal communications.  She can provide assistance with research, outline development, draft and final report review (not limited to proofreading), developing/formatting/reportin g for case analyses, and presentation development and practice.

Dr. Middlebrook is available for assistance and guidance -- she does not write the paper for you or provide proofreading-only checks.
Please note: Assignments will not be reviewed less than 48 hours before they are due.  

Please contact Dr. Middlebrook at to set up a time to discuss your communication needs.

Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Online Training

Graduate students who were admitted in Spring 2013 or later must complete advanced training, regardless of the source of funding for their education. Graduate students who are supported by an external sponsor must complete both basic and advanced training, regardless of when they began their degree. Students may not graduate or enter research-only mode if the training is not complete.

Required Forms and Deadlines for Degree Completion

The Graduate School publishes a Degree Completion Timeline which includes a table showing a detailed timeline of items that you need to complete in order to obtain a degree and prepare for arrival on campus. The MBA program is considered a coursework option degree.

You may also check the Current Students area of MyMichiganTech

for a detailed checklist of items that are required for you at this time, and see a list of items that are complete or pending for each degree you are pursuing.