Applied Natural Resource Economics

Peace Corps Master's International Program

Michigan Tech's Graduate School in conjunction with the School of Business and Economics allows you to obtain your degree while working as a Peace Corps volunteer. As of June 2008, Michigan Tech is the #1 Masters International Campus in the nation with 42 students currently serving overseas.

This masters degree is open to students with an undergraduate degree who are interested in the use of natural resources. Most students have degrees in engineering or economics, but others are welcome.

What to Expect

After completing your initial course work at Michigan Tech and receiving your Peace Corps placement, you will travel to your respective site and begin training. Once overseas, you are given an assignment according to the needs and requests of your host country. While overseas, your primary responsibility is the project and community to which you have been assigned. Your academic requirement will grow out of your volunteer work. 

Students serve around the world in the Peace Corps working on the best use of available natural resources. Projects include market analysis, project evaluation, and economic development.

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