Hospital Affiliates—Medical Laboratory Science

The affiliated hospitals are where formalized training of the Medical Laboratory student takes place. The following tables contain the most asked questions of location, director and class size.

Hospital Address City State ZIP
Aspirus Wausau Hospital CLS Program 333 Pine Ridge Blvd. Wausau WI 54401
Beaumont CLS Program 3601 West 13 Mile Road Royal Oak MI 48073-6769
DMC University Labs MLS Program 4201 St. Antoine Detroit MI 48201
Hennepin Co. Medical Center MLS Program 701 Park Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55415
Marshfield Laboratories MLS Program 1000 North Oak Ave. Marshfield WI 54449
Marshfield Laboratories HT Program 1000 North Oak Ave. Marshfield WI 54449
St. John Health Laboratories MT Program 19251 Mack Ave., Suite 101 Grosse Pointe Woods MI 48236
Hospital Program Program Director Class Size Minimum GPA
Aspirus Wausau Hospital CLS Jacob Kempen, MBA, MT(ASCP), Vice President of Clinical Services

Daniel Lockwood, MT(ASCP), Program Co-ordinator/ Director
6 2.75
Beaumont MT Nancy Ramirez, M.S., MLS(ASCP)SH 12 2.8
DMC University Labs MLS Joyce Salancy, M.S., MT (ASCP) 10 2.5
Hennepin Co. Medical Center MLS Robbi Montgomery, MLS, MLS (ASCP)CM , SI 8 2.9
Marshfield Laboratories MLS Julie Seehafer, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)CM, SH 8-9 2.75
Marshfield Laboratories HT Katherine Gorman, HTL(ASCP) 4 2.5
St. John Health MT Dawn Taylor, MLS(ASCP)CM, Program Director 12 2.8