Research Groups

Research Groups

The Department of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University has a number of research groups associated with it.

Algal Cell Walls & Extracellular Polymers

Work is centered on the cell wall and associated extracellular polymers of algae. We are interested in what these algal extracellular matrices can tell us about: 1) the evolution of the land plant cell wall, 2) the unique characteristics that allow for life in aquatic habitats, 3) the interactions within complex biofilms, including the heterotropic utilization of complex macromolecules, and 4) the biomineralization processes (ex. silica and calcium carbonate) associated with these extracellular polymers.

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Charles Kerfoot Research Group

Current research includes paleoecology, ecosystems studies, Keweenaw Interdisciplinary Transport Experiment in Superior (KITES), and Episodic Events - Great Lakes Experiment (EEGLE).

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Northern Watershed Studies

The Northern Watershed Ecosystem Project conducts long-term research, inventory, and monitoring in a small network of legally-protected research sites located in National Parks and Preserves. The project goal is to gain understanding of the structure and function of representative ecosystems and their response to stressors. Most sites have been under study for 20+ years. The network of sites represents a diverse set of natural ecosystems from the northern hardwood-boreal ecotone to the taiga-tundra tree line.

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Wood to Wheels (W2W)

Wood-To-Wheels is a collaborative program of the Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI) to establish a transportation fuel system based upon woody biomass. SFI collaborators are researching innovations that address the entire value chain from plant genomics to consumer attitudes. The goal is to increase the overall efficiency of converting solar energy captured in forest and other biomass resources.

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